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Wow, it’s WOW – Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

What an amazing weekend for wrestling! AEW had their inaugural PPV, I was at a great GCW show with my boys from the Wrestling Examiner, and WOW put on another amazing Saturday show! As is customary, WOW opened with a recap of the previous week’s show, so if you need a refresher here you go. Last note, share the column wherever you can please, everyone needs to be watching these Tessa Blanchard title defenses!


The Beast came to the ring and called out Lana Star, seeking retribution for costing her her title shot. They replayed the opening video from last episode where The Beast confronted Star in the parking lot (I’m guessing to get more screen time for the official WOW compact mirror that every household needs). Star and The Lioness were shown backstage and commentary questioned if Star would answer The Beast’s challenge as the show went to commercial.

After the break, Star and The Lioness made their way down the aisle. Star warned The Beast to never come out to her car and threaten to lay hands on her. Star then said she would love to accept the challenge, but due to injury David McClane banned her from wrestling, so The Lioness would be fighting The Beast.

Match One: The Beast Vs The Lioness

  • The Beast made quick work of the unprepared Lioness, overpowering her from the onset and then hitting a brutal powerbomb to pick up the win.
  • Commentary noted that Star put her client The Lioness in a no-win situation in this match (note – to see how The Lioness fared against The Beast without the services of Star, go back and check out my coverage of their LA Comic Con match here).

After commercial, a video of Princess Aussie was shown. She was unconscious on a beach at the start, waking up with a dark fire in her eyes. The video noted a shift in the personality of Aussie, and speculated it was due to her interactions with Siren The Voodoo Doll, recapping when Siren and Holidead kidnapped the Princess following a match and destroyed the sticks that represent family and unity to her. Next they noted how Siren and Holidead came to ringside when she was being beatdown by The Psycho Sisters, chasing off the Sisters and allowing Aussie to leave. Finally, the video showed Aussie come out and attack Psycho Sister Mezmeriah during The Psycho Sisters/Siren and Holidead match, indirectly leading to the victory for Siren and Holidead and questioned what lies ahead for Aussie and what is the nature of Siren’s interest in the Princess.

Match Two: Serpentine (with The World’s Greatest Attorney Sophia Lopez) Vs Princess Aussie


  • Some great catch wrestling from both competitors to open the contest.
  • Aussie gained an early advantage, but was tripped up by Sophia Lopez to get control of the bout for Serpentine. Lopez would go on to pull Aussie’s hair numerous times while the referee was distracted.
  • Aussie attempted to mount a comeback, but Serpentine squashed it with a dropkick to the midsection off a Aussie crossbody attempt.
  • Aussie escaped a potential Tombstone attempt by Serpentine and took control of the match, launching into a fast paced offensive flurry.
  • Serpentine stopped a high risk attempt by Aussie by slamming her off the top turnbuckle, then hit the Serpentine Driver for the win.
  • As Princess Aussie was recovering after the match, Siren and Holidead came to the ring, with Siren carrying Aussie’s bamboo sticks. Siren and Holidead surrounded Aussie in the ring, but left without any physicality, continuing the psychological warfare in the process.

An excellent video package was shown of WOW ring announcer Shaul Guerrero. The daughter of Eddie and Vickie talked about her journey into the world of wrestling and the long overdue female empowerment happening right now, and how she hopes to inspire young women to know that they can do this too.

After the commercial, a video was shown hyping the next match in the WOW Tag Team Series, The Monsters of Madness Vs Chantilly Chella and Sassy Massy, with the winner moving on to the championship match.

Match Three: The Monsters of Madness (Havok and Hazard) Vs Chantilly Chella and Sassy Massy


  • Commentary painted The Monsters of Madness as the odds on favorites to win the WOW Tag Team Titles.
  • Chella and Massy used great teamwork to gain an early advantage over Hazard in the contest.
  • Hazard would recover to take out Chella with a clothesline and tag in Havok, who put her team ahead in dominating fashion.
  • Back in the match, Hazard knocked Chella off the apron, drawing Massy into the ring, which distracted the referee so Havok could choke Chella on the ropes.
  • Chella eventually managed to punch and dropkick her way through Hazard to make a much needed tag to Massy, who came in hot.
  • Without a tag, Havok came into the ring. Massy dodged a clothesline from her and went for a crossbody, which Havok caught. Chella then leapt off the top turnbuckle for her own crossbody attempt – which Havok caught as well. Havok proceeded to do a double fall away slam on Massy and Chella.
  • Massy ducked a Havok clothesline attempt and went for a wheelbarrow takedown on Havok, but Havok caught her and Hazard hit a cutter on her to get the win for her team (Havok made the pin, there was some question by commentary if she was the legal competitor for her team, but no further review appears to be in place).
  • After the match it was announced there would be a triple threat match for the WOW Tag Team Titles, The Monsters of Madness vs Siren The Voodoo Doll and Holidead vs Fire and Adrenaline. In a post match interview, The Monsters of Madness said they were there to annihilate everyone and would be winning the titles.

A video package was shown highlighting the WOW World Championship and the six women who’ve held the belt (Terry Gold, Danger, Lana Star, Jungle Grrrl, Santana Garrett and Tessa Blanchard). The video then turned the focus to the competitors in the main event, Tessa Blanchard and Jungle Grrrl, recapping the events leading to tonight’s match.

Match Four: WOW World Championship Match: Tessa Blanchard Vs Jungle Grrrl


  • Intense brawling to start the contest, with Jungle Grrrl releasing weeks of frustration out on the World Champion.
  • Jungle Grrrl gave Blanchard a bit too long to recover, as Blanchard took the fight to Jungle Grrrl when she made her way to the ring.
  • Blanchard went for the Diamond DDT, but Jungle Grrrl rammed her into the corner. After an unsuccessful superplex attempt by Jungle Grrrl, Blanchard tried a top rope maneuver but missed. Rolling through, Blanchard took a spear from Jungle Grrrl.
  • The second time was the charm for Jungle Grrrl, as she managed to connect on the superplex when next she tried. The move took a toll on her though, as she couldn’t make her way over in time to cover Blanchard for the three.
  • Jungle Grrrl hit the Jungle Driver on Blanchard, but instead of going for the pin she went for the Jungle Splash. Blanchard was able to roll to the outside. Jungle Grrrl leapt to the outside, but Blanchard hit her with a mule kick. Blanchard quickly rolled Jungle Grrrl into the ring but wasn’t able to keep her down for a three count.
  • Blanchard hit the Diamond DDT, but Jungle Grrrl managed to kick out of that as well, much to the disbelief of Blanchard.
  • A desperate Blanchard climbed the ropes and hit a top rope codebreaker that finally managed to keep Jungle Grrrl down, getting Blanchard the win. As the show went off the air, the two stared down with Blanchard raising her title.