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Wow, it’s WOW – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Happy Halloween week everyone! The latest episode of WOW was filled with tricks and treats, read on to find out what you missed! Before we start, unless if Wrestling Examiner editor Jaime Michel got a Beverly Hills makeover from the Fabulous Lana Star I wasn’t able to find him in the audience this week – oh no! Help find Jaime by sharing this column on social medial and by following and/or liking the Wrestling Examiner – every little bit helps! And just as WOW opened with a recap of the previous episode, here’s my recap of the previous week if you need to get caught up.

After the recap, a quick pre-taped promo of Jungle Grrrl was shown, who said she’s staking her claim to a title shot and that The Beast is in her way. The Beast then came out to the ring to do an interview with David McClane. The Beast said Jungle Grrrl doesn’t want none of her and that she can’t handle her (note – The Beast used the third person when referring to herself if you’re keeping track of grammatical persons). A number one contenders match was then set between the two for the main event – with Tessa Blanchard barred from ringside!

Match One: The Monsters of Madness (Havok and Hazard) Vs The Bully Busters (Keta Rush and Stephy Slays)

  • Before the match a video package was shown, highlighting the history of The Monsters of Madness, starting with Havok’s time competing for the WOW World Championship to the arrival of Hazard and the formation of one of WOW’s most dominant teams. The Monsters then cut a promo on The Bully Busters, promising to destroy their opponents.
  • Commentary noted this match was NOT a part of the WOW Tag Team Series, as The Bully Busters were eliminated back in episode two.
  • Slays and Rush jumped out to an early advantage against Hazard, but Keta Rush allowed Hazard to tag in Havok. Rush landed a few MMA strikes on Havok but as pictured above, Havok quickly overpowered both Rush and Slays.
  • Havok and Hazard cut the ring in half and kept Slays isolated, while also sneaking in cheap shots whenever the referee wasn’t looking.
  • Slays managed to hit a desperation jawbreaker on Hazard, which allowed her to make the hot tag to Rush. Rush took out Hazard with a dropkick, then even managed to knock Havok out of the ring with a series of dropkicks and a roundhouse kick.
  • After Slays took out the stunned Havok with a top turnbuckle crossbody to the outside, Rush went for a second roundhouse on Hazard, but Hazard caught the kick and reversed it into a backpack stunner to score the win for her team.

Match Two: Serpentine (with The World’s Greatest Attorney Sophia Lopez) Vs Reyna Reyes

  • See episodes two and five to see each of these competitor’s stellar championship matches against Tessa Blanchard.
  • On commentary, David McClane posited that Reyna Reyes may be in cahoots with Sophia Lopez since her timing entering his office to get the title shot was impeccable, while his commentary partner Mr. Dickie noted Reyes may have been more of a pawn in the chess game Blanchard and Lopez have been playing regarding Blanchard’s title defenses.
  • Serpentine and Reyes opened with some great chain wrestling to start the contest.
  • Each competitor tried to ground their opponent in the early going, with Serpentine having the better go at it, ramming Reyes’s knee into the ring post.
  • McClane’s cahoots theory appeared to be disproved, as Sophia Lopez wrenched Reyes’s leg on the ropes while the referee was distracted.
  • Despite the damage Serpentine did while working Reyes’s leg, Reyes managed to fight her way back into the match, hitting a springboard stunner for a two count.
  • Reyes hit a spinning kick on Serpentine, but couldn’t get all of it due to her injured leg. That, coupled with outside interference from Lopez, cost Reyes the match, as Serpentine planted Reyes with The Serpent Driver for the win.

A video package was shown of Siren The Voodoo Doll and Holidead. Siren said they had their eyes on the WOW Tag Team Titles, but that the spirits told her that The Psycho Sisters should have left Princess Aussie alone (see last week). Calling The Psycho Sisters “pitiful souls” and “mindless fools”, Siren declared she and Holidead would win the “shiny WOW tokens.”

A second video package was shown of a backstage meeting between Lana Star and Sophia Lopez. Star asked Lopez how she’s been able to get her clients title matches, Lopez replied “if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back.” Star then entered Lopez’s office.

After the commercial break, a video of The Psycho Sisters was shown. They cut a promo on Siren The Voodoo Doll and Holidead, saying they weren’t scared of Siren and Holidead’s magic tricks and mind games. They said they don’t “do things on a table in the dark with a sheet over our head”, they “do it in the center of the ring” and that they “beat people up.” They said chaos would reign and that the WOW Tag Team Titles belong around their waists.

Match Three: Siren The Voodoo Doll and Holidead Vs The Psycho Sisters (Razor and Fury, with Mezmeriah)

  • This match marked the beginning of the next round in the WOW Tag Team Series.
  • The match opened with a pair of handshakes, followed by a round of punches and then a quadruple headbutt.
  • The Psycho Sisters jumped out to an impressive early advantage against Siren, it took Holidead inserting herself into the match to turn the tide their way.
  • Mezmeriah distracted Holidead, allowing Fury to roll up Holidead for a 2 count and regain control for her team.
  • Holidead powered out of a choke hold by Razor and made the tag to Siren, who kept Razor isolated in their corner with a series of tags and a bunch of punching.
  • The Psycho Sisters would regain control after Fury and Holidead came into the ring and there was a quadruple dropkick.
  • Following a Downward Spiral by Razor onto Siren that nearly won the match for The Psycho Sisters, Princess Aussie ran to the ring. Upon arrival, Princess Aussie charged right at…Mezmeriah! As Princess Aussie hammered Mezmeriah against the rail and Holidead took out Fury outside the ring, Siren capitalized on the chaos and hit Razor with The Voodoo Driver to win the match and advance her team to the next round of the WOW Tag Team Series.
  • In a post match interview with ring announcer Shaul Guerrero, Holidead said “The Psycho Sisters thought they were crazy, but they got nothing for the dark side!”

A video package was shown hyping the rivalry between The Beast and Jungle Grrrl.

Match Four: Jungle Grrrl Vs The Beast

  • A shoving match won by The Beast led to test of strength challenge from Jungle Grrrl, who hit a cheap shot on The Beast to get an early advantage.
  • Just as it appeared The Beast would power her way back into the match, the veteran Jungle Grrrl would find some way to keep control.
  • Jungle Grrrl won the battle of chops and got The Beast in position for The Jungle Splash, but then Faith The Lioness and Lana Star came down to the ring. Heeding the advice of Sophia Lopez, Star’s client The Lioness pulled Jungle Grrrl down from the top rope. Jungle Grrrl managed to fight off The Lioness, but the referee called for the bell.
  • Jungle Grrrl chased Lana Star into the ring, where she unwittingly backed into a furious Beast. The Beast then planted Star with a powerslam.
  • The Beast was disqualified due to the interference from The Lioness, earning Jungle Grrrl a one-on-one title match with Tessa Blanchard. Blanchard was then shown backstage, enjoying how the events played out as the show went off the air.

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