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Wow, it’s WOW – Women Of Wrestling Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

WOW was everywhere last weekend! Besides the regular Saturday show, WOW took over LA Comic Con and put on a live match at the Con! In singles competition, The Beast took on Faith The Lioness. The already underdog Lioness was without the services of her new manager Lana Star. Up against one of WOW’s top competitors, The Lioness put up a good fight, but in the end The Beast came away with the victory after a vicious power bomb. Also I got an exclusive interview with a WOW superhero (hint – she’s really really SMART), which I’ll be posting in the near future. Last note before the recap, there is still an honorary Slammy to be claimed for spotting Wrestling Examiner editor Jaime Michel in the crowd! Hurry up and find him before the Ghost of Christmas Dystopian Future ensnares him!


A video recap of last week’s main event showed additional footage not seen during the broadcast. Tessa Blanchard revived the referee that got speared during the Beast-Jungle Grrrl match and rolled him back into the ring, where a reluctant Beast covered the unconscious Jungle Grrrl (who was taken out from behind with a briefcase by Blanchard) to get the win. Afterwards, The Beast tracked down Blanchard in the back and demanded she sign a contract for a title match.

Next a video was shown of Blanchard barging into the office of David McLane. Blanchard said she’s there to talk about her match for tonight. An excited McLane asked if she finally signed a contract for a match with The Beast. Blanchard said she hadn’t and that The Beast doesn’t deserve a title shot. McLane said Blanchard has to stop handpicking her opponents, which Blanchard denied doing. McClane says he knows about the deals she makes with The World’s Greatest Attorney Sophia Lopez, but Blanchard denies again and says she’ll fight the next person who walks through his door. Reyna Reyes then knocks and enters, and Blanchard tells McClane there’s his main event and leaves. McClane then asks Reyes what she wants, and Reyes replies that Sophia Lopez told her he wanted to see her. Chicanery!

Jungle Grrrl then came to the ring to a mixed reaction. She got on the mic and said it took two people to beat her last week, and that no one could beat her one-on-one. She told The Beast and Tessa Blanchard if they’re going to conspire against her to just come out together at the start. She then asked for some competition. Following a commercial break, Sassy Massy came to the ring.

Match One: Jungle Grrrl Vs Sassy Massy


  • Commentary painted the up and coming Sassy Massy as the underdog against WOW’s ultimate predator.
  • Jungle Grrrl took an early advantage, but with the crowd firmly behind her Sassy Massy countered a Jungle Grrrl kick and took control of the match.
  • Jungle Grrrl countered a wheelbarrow roll-up attempt into a German suplex to regain control.
  • Sassy Massy was able to sneak in a roll-up for a nearfall, but a second attempt was countered into a Samoan drop.
  • Sassy Massy wouldn’t quit, countering Jungle Grrrl’s offense into a series of strikes, culminating into a wheelbarrow bulldog for a two count.
  • That was as close as Massy would get to the win, as Jungle Grrrl hit a powerful body slam. She then released her recent frustrations on Massy, hitting her with two consecutive Jungle Splashes and refusing to cover her.
  • Jungle Grrrl climbed the ropes for a third splash, but Sassy Massy’s friend Chantilly Chella ran to the ring and stepped in front of Massy, imploring her to stop. Jungle Grrrl then took out Chella with a Jungle Driver.
  • She then lined up both Chella and Massy for a double Jungle Splash, but a group of referees came out to prevent an angry Jungle Grrrl from completing the dive. The match was then ruled a no contest.

A video was shown outside of Jessie Jones and Amber O’Neal’s locker room. An off screen Lana Star explained to her new protege Faith The Lioness (also off screen) that they need to do things “the Lana Star way”, and they covered up the sign for Jones and O’Neal’s locker room with one for the new twin team of The Dixie Darlings. The Dixie Darlings then arrived, excited to have their own locker room, and entered. Jones told the new team to leave, stating fans aren’t allowed in the back. The Darlings replied “Do we look like fans” and said they’re The Dixie Darlings. Jones and O’Neal were unimpressed and kicked the twin duo out. The Darlings left, but then slid the sign with their name on it under the door with their autographs on it, Jolene and Jolynn. O’Neal asked “like the song?” as Jones ripped up the sign from the “stupid twins.” (side note – I met The Dixie Darlings at LA Comic Con and I may be out 6-8 weeks!)

Following a Tessa Blanchard promo/commercial for WOW, a video package was shown of all the bad blood between Stephy Slays and The Governor’s Daughter Abilene Maverick, noting Slays finally gets another shot at her long time tormentor. But when Maverick was announced for the next match, she came out in fancy street clothes and a neck brace. Commentary doubted the legitimacy of Maverick’s injury, noting last time they saw her it was her leg that was supposedly injured. After Slays got in the the ring, Maverick grabbed the mic and whined about her ailment to both Slays and the audience, citing she got hurt during “a freak injury skiing at her family’s lake house.” Maverick then announced she found a substitute opponent for Slays, someone that could “teach her a lesson.” From out of nowhere, The Disciplinarian ran into the ring and attacked Slays from behind.

Match Two: Stephy Slays Vs The Disciplinarian (with Samantha Smart)

  • Samantha Smart made her presence instantly felt, slapping Slays the second the referee’s back was turned. Commentary acknowledged the genius of WOW also played a part in setting up this match.
  • Abilene Maverick joined the commentary table, and was grilled by David McLane about this new attempt at faking an injury. When asked about the leg injury Maverick faked that resulted in her hitting Stephy Slays with a crutch, Maverick said it wasn’t her fault and that Slays “fell into her crutch.”
  • When The Disciplinarian wasn’t hammering Slays herself, Samantha Smart was attacking Slays with her ruler while the referee wasn’t looking.
  • Despite the overwhelming odds against her, Slays was able to nearly roll up The Disciplinarian for the win, though her momentum was short lived.
  • Commentary noted Slays’s first win came against The Disciplinarian and that Disciplinarian was looking to avenge that loss.
  • The underdog Slays wouldn’t quit, taking advantage of a moment of her opponent’s frustration to hit some fast paced offense.
  • After kicking out of Slays’s victory roll, The Disciplinarian hit a TKO on Slays to get the win, much to the delight of Abilene Maverick.
  • After the match, Samantha Smart got on the mic, yelling at the “IQ inferiors” in the audience and putting over her protege’s victory.

A video package was shown of Siren The Voodoo Doll and Holidead. Siren continued her dark courting of Princess Aussie, stating that “darkness awaits her on it’s throne.”

Match Three: The Monsters of Madness (Havok and Hazard) Vs The Dixie Darlings (Jolynn and Jolene)


  • This match was the next match in the WOW Tag Team Series.
  • The Darlings were taken out by dual clotheslines the second they got in the ring.
  • Commentary had trouble telling The Dixie Darlings apart (Jolynn started the match, Jolene entered next.) Neither Darling fared well for the bulk of the contest.
  • Jolene dodged a turnbuckle smash attempt by Hazard and went for the hot tag to her sister, but Havok took out Jolynn on the apron. Hazard then hit a reverse X-factor for the win.
  • The Monsters of Madness continued to attack The Dixie Darlings after the match, then got on the mic and stated they had their sights set on the WOW Tag Team Titles, with commentary liking their chances of coming away with the belts.

A video package was shown of Reyna Reyes ahead of her title shot against Tessa Blanchard, highlighting the odds she’s had to overcome to get to this match tonight.

Match Four: WOW World Championship Match: Tessa Blanchard Vs Reyna Reyes


  • The Beast was shown in the back watching this match with vested interest.
  • Using her speed, Reyes darted off to a quick start in the match, but Blanchard took control when she knocked Reyes off the top rope on a springboard hurricanrana attempt.
  • Later in the match, Reyes went strike for strike with Blanchard and came out ahead.
  • Reyes then hit the springboard hurricanrana she went for earlier, which rocked Blanchard.
  • When Blanchard went to the outside to try and gather herself, Reyes climbed the top turnbuckle and hit her Sky Twister all the way on the floor.
  • When she was able to regain control, Blanchard hit a Codebreaker on Reyes but wasn’t able to put her away with it.
  • Blanchard climbed to the top, but Reyes caught her with a top rope Spanish Fly for a 2.9 count.
  • Blanchard avoided Reyes’s Sky Twister finisher and went for her Diamond DDT. Reyes avoided it once, but couldn’t a second time and Blanchard scored the win.
  • Right after Blanchard was announced the winner, Jungle Grrrl hit the ring and nailed Blanchard with the Jungle Driver. She then climbed to the top and hit Blanchard with the Jungle Splash. Referees came out to get Jungle Grrrl out of the ring. They attempted to help Blanchard to her feet but she refused their help.
  • Cameras then caught Jungle Grrrl in the locker room. She confronted The Beast, saying “You think that should be you out there?” The Beast told her to get out of her face and then shoved her. A fight then broke out between the two as the show went off the air.