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Dear WrestleMania…An Open Letter

Austin vs. The Rock at XV was the first time I was truly invested in your main event. IX was my first, and I was young so I didn’t really understand what was happening. 13 was amazing but I wasn’t prepared for it and missed the entire build up. I got to witness the incredible build up to the XIV main event, but sadly I didn’t see you that year. So XV was it for me. I was a grown man at 10 years old, and I finally got to enjoy my first main event as a full fledged fan. The next year I was so excited that I woke up early and spent all day with you. I watched all the great moments from your past, and I saw how you touched so many other people. That day I finally started to understand that you were way more than what people gave you credit for. And the next year I’d find out first hand just how much you would mean to me.

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