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Wow, it’s WOW – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

The second episode of WOW is in the books and the Wrestling Examiner has it recapped for you! Get caught up over at AXS TV or on Sling TV, or read about what you missed here. On a related programming note, starting in October AXS TV will be the home of Impact Wrestling as well as WOW and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Season Two Episode 2

The show began with a video package of a secret underground meeting between Tessa Blanchard and the World’s Greatest Attorney, Sophia Lopez. Lopez tensely handed Blanchard a briefcase. They conversed in Spanish without subtitles, so their conversation was a (partial) mystery.

Manager Lana Star opened the show with her client The Beverly Hills Babe (AKA Amber O’Neal). Star announced she would be returning to the ring to enter the Tag Team Series. Star said she picked a partner that wouldn’t let her down, and went on to say that her partner was one of the greatest talents to enter the ring and that her partner reminds Star of herself. The Beverly Hills Babe as well as commentary assumed that Star was talking about her, but then Faith The Lioness entered the ring. The Beverly Hills Babe was upset with Star, saying she made her promises of gold and riches that weren’t delivered. Star said Hollywood life is rough and that if she can beat The Lioness she will be her partner, if not she’s cut!
Match One: Faith The Lioness Vs The Beverly Hills Babe

  • Lana Star joined commentary, saying The Babe let her down in the past and will tonight as well.
  • The Lioness gained an early advantage, but The Babe took control when the action went to the outside of the ring.
  • Beverly Hills Babe worked Faith’s knee the majority of the match.
  • Lana Star revealed Sophia Lopez got her special clearance to enter the Tag Team Series.
  • The Lioness attempted a comeback, but the damage to her knee cut her comeback short.
  • Beverly Hills Babe had the match won with a Facebuster, but  instead she turned her attention to Star at commentary, taunting her. When The Babe did go for the pin, Faith reversed it into a roll-up to get the win.
  • After the match Star said The Beverly Hills Babe was always a “Beverly Hillbilly.”
Backstage, as Abilene Maverick was on her way to the ring, she ran into someone she had tormented all of season one, Stephy Slays. Slays asked when Maverick was going to give her a match, noting her “injured” leg looked better. Maverick said Slay’s one WOW win was a fluke, and until she can beat someone formidable they weren’t talking. Maverick pushed her aside and continued to the ring.
Match Two: The Governor’s Daughter Abilene Maverick Vs Adrenaline

  • This is Adrenaline’s WOW debut.
  • Adrenaline out-wrestled Maverick at the beginning of the match, then kicked it up a notch with a head-scissors takeover and a dropkick.
  • Maverick “begged for mercy”, only to use the distraction to gain the advantage.
  • The two were evenly matched and went back and forth with control throughout the bout.
  • Maverick nearly had the bout won with a roll-up, but Adrenaline came back to win the bout with a Canadian Destroyer.
A video package was shown of a seance being held by Siren the Voodoo Doll, with her tag team partner Holidead menacingly in the background.  Siren announced their intention to win the WOW Tag Team Titles.
After the commercial break, a highlight package was shown of The Bully Busters, Stephy Slays and Keta Rush. The video highlighted their friendship and shared history with facing bullying and how they help others dealing with bullies. Also shown was their initial run as a team into their split into singles action, even squaring off against each other. Reunited, they aim to win the WOW Tag Team Titles.
As The Bully Busters made their way to the ring, they passed by a disappointed Abilene Maverick in the locker room. Slays took a moment to antagonize her tormentor, asking her how it feels to be a loser.

Match Three: The Bully Busters (Stephy Slays and Keta Rush) Vs Siren The Voodoo Dall and Holidead.

  • This match is the next match in the WOW Tag Team Series.
  • After an early sneak attack The Bully Busters gained control with stereo headscissors.
  • Holidead took control of the match for her team early on with her power advantage, but Rush fought back with her MMA background and tagged in Slays.
  • After Slays nearly won with a victory roll on Siren, chaos ensued and all four competitors were in the ring fighting. Holidead then hit slays with an underhook facebuster to win the match for her team, though David McClane noted on commentary that this match would be reviewed because Holidead was not the legal competitor for her team.
  • Siren and Holidead frightened ring announcer Shaul Guerrero after the match when she attempted to interview them.
In the locker room, Jessie Jones came across an upset Beverly Hills Babe. As The Babe lamented about Lana Star, Jones pointed out that The Bullet Babe Amber O’Neal wouldn’t care what anyone thought of her. They left together, a potential alliance in their future perhaps?
Match Four: WOW World Championship Match: Tessa Blanchard Vs Serpentine
  • Serpentine is the former Kobra Moon from Lucha Underground, (she had actually wrestled under the Kobra Moon name during WOW season one, the name change appears to be the only difference for season two) also known as Thunder Rosa in the Indy scene.
  • Commentary speculation seems to confirm what we saw at the beginning, indicating that the opportunistic Blanchard allowed Lopez to buy this opportunity for Serpentine, jumping the line ahead of Jungle Grrrl, The Beast, and Havok.
  • Great back and forth exchanges between the two and the crowd was extra hot for this match.
  • After being pushed to the absolute limit by Serpentine, Tessa Blanchard pulled out the victory with the Diamond DDT. 
  • Following the match Jungle Grrrl, The Beast and Havok all came out with eyes on the championship as the show went off the air.

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