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Lucha Underground S3E15 Review – En Las Sombras (Video)

The Temple is roaring and The Believers are in full effect! The Battles of The Bulls Tournament must go on! Killshot, Dante Fox, Mariposa, and Jeremiah Crane are set to face each other in a first round four way match that will enter the winner into a final Fatal Four Way Elimination Match that will grant them a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship. Damn!, Dario Cueto does not play when it comes to title shot’s. This is a hell of a task for anyone who has entered the tournament and will prove to be one of the baddest Luchadores in The Temple. Melissa Santos looking stunning as usual introduces the competitors and rings the bell.

So much to take from this epic battle, the level of excitement in this match was something extremely special. I would say it’s safe to say that Lucha Underground is doing it right! The intensity of extreme was built up with a great pace, and the delivery of the jaw dropping OMG moments where poetry in motion. Mariposa’s performance was revolutionary and innovative. The women in Lucha Underground are setting the bar so high that it makes it hard to watch other mainstream promotions women’s match’s with the same emotional interest. Mariposa showed us all that she is not to be under estimated by any means, when she puts Killshot through a steel chair using The Butterfly Effect! This sent a chill through my bones, I could not believe Killshot got up from that.

Jeremiah Crane showcased his unique twisted strong style to this match with an arsenal of kicks and devastating moves. Lucha Underground scored big time by signing him and so did us fans. It didn’t take long for Jeremiah to introduce chairs into the match, tossing multiple chairs into the ring and then constructing them like Lego’s. The Believers are loosing there shit and Dario Cueto is loving the violence that they are witnessing. The Death Machine is alive and it’s locked on its targets. Jeremiah drills Dante Fox through the mat with a vicious Crane Driller that gives him the victory in this first round of The Battle of The Bulls qualifying match. It seems that Dante Fox and Killshot can not put there personal differences aside, costing them both a shot at the title. Killshot comes at Fox with a stiff kick to the face after the match is over leaving Fox laid out. Killshot positions him for the final blow, a double stomp from the top turnbuckle! Killshot wins this battle but the war is not over yet. The Fox and Killshot story line gets better and better as they give us more and more of it. These guys truly hate each other, their performance in this match was through the roof and I promise you that we have yet to see them reach there full potential. This was my favorite match of the episode and all three matches are amazing.

The show returns with back to back vignettes, the first being the Worldwide Underground vignette. Taya is in full director mode trying to get PJ Black And Jack Evans to answer a simple question. “How does it feel to be part of Worldwide Underground?” But the boys cannot get it together and are to busy playing air guitar and being complete morons. Johnny Mundo interferes to give them a piece of his mind, and gives PJ Black shit for loosing to Sexy Star in last weeks episode. Johnny Mundo then proceeds to shoot at the other members of Worldwide Underground about how he was the only one to beat Sexy Star. Mundo then gets real serious and tells Jack Evans and PJ Black that if they don’t win there match tonight, that he will strip them of their cool bandannas and replace them with a new crew. The second vignette was not as funny but a more serious one. It was of Sexy Star training in The Temple. It seems as if she is alone but when she goes to the locker room, she finds a big black tarantula crawling around in her locker.

Tensions between Kobra Moon and Drago have been increasing, which brings us to the second match of the night. This was not so much of a match, but more of a plot to capture Drago. Pindar pushes Drago of the top turnbuckle, while Drago was setting up for the finisher on Kobra Moon. Luckily for Drago, Fenix and Aerostar come to his aid and begin to fight back against Pindar. Kobra Moon begins to gesture some kind of summon dance that lures in the giant snake, Vibora.  From a first look this character looks like a reptilian Undertaker, but when he uses a Tombstone to finish of Drago, I was like holy shit did Lucha Underground just mock The Undertaker? It was great to see him dominate the super friends and capture Drago. What now of Drago? Are we gonna finally see Aersostar time travel into another dimension to save Drago? So many creative possibilities that can unravel from this story line. Can’t wait to see what becomes of this story.

After the match the show returns with another vignette involving Sexy Star and Mariposa. Sexy Star is pissed and is looking for the person who put that tarantula in her locker. Sexy Star passes Mariposa in the hallway and gives her a nasty stare down, as to say I know it was you who did it. Mariposa pulls Sexy Star’s hair as she turns her back to her and this starts a fighting sequence that leaves Mariposa with her back against the wall and Sexy Star’s hand wrapped around her throat. Sexy then begins to go on this rant about how Mariposa tortured her and treated her like shit in the past. Basically this leads to Mariposa letting Sexy Star know that she was not the one who left that tarantula in her locker and Sexy Star throwing a vicious punch that misses and goes through the wall. I would love to see another No Mas match Between these two, with Mariposa being the victor.

The Battle of The Bulls Tournament continues with the last match of the night. Angelico,vs Jack Evans, vs PJ Black, vs Son of Havoc! On one side we have two former team mates that once held Trios Gold and on the other we have two members of the notorious Worldwide Underground. Angelico came in blazing, shooting for anyone who stood in his way. Son of Havoc has his eyes on the prize and will go through anyone who tries to stop him. Jack Evans and PJ Black worked together, but there can only be one winner. Angelico and Son of Havoc tried to bring down the Worldwide Underground but failed to do so even after that killer superplex Angelico gave Jack Evans leaving him outside of the ring! The finish to the match makes a lot of sense, I mean how you gonna break up The Worldwide Underground. These guys are good for business and should be giving more air time in my opinion. With Havoc and Angelico outside the ring, PJ Black takes this opportunity and  lays down on the mat for Jack Evans to pin him. Jack Evans covers PJ Black but is reversed into a roll up pin to take the victory! Jack Evans really thought that he could trust his buddy but ended up getting screwed out of his shot at the title. Poor Jack Evans when will he learn that you can not trust anyone in The Temple. PJ Black advances to the Final Fatal Four Way Elimination match against Willie Mack, Jeremiah Crane, and The Machine Cage. This is going to be wicked!

The show ends with it’s last vignette showing Rey Mysterio and Dragon Azteca. Dragon Azteca has been enlightened by the Wrath of The Gods that Matanza gave him on last weeks episode. He understands now that it is his destiny to take down Matanza. Rey Mysterio tells Dragon Azteca that this is not his battle. Rey warns Dragon Azteca that Matanza is a force that is not to be reckoned with. But Dragon Azteca does not take Rey’s words into consideration. He wants more than a victory over Matanza, he wants to finish him once and for all. Dragon Azteca is making a huge mistake, I dont think that he is ready fro Matanza. Ignoring Rey Misterio and telling him that he no longer will take orders from him, is a very arrogant attitude. I wonder if we are going to see another character death in Lucha Underground, because this does not sound good for Dragon Azteca.

So many great vignettes and matches on this weeks episode, I only wish that the show was an extra hour long. Lucha Underground is on every Wednesday on the El Rey Network or you can purchase the episodes on iTunes. Stay tuned and remember Dario Cueto is always watching.

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