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Wow, it’s WOW – Women Of Wrestling Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

What a week for pro wrestling! The Wednesday Night Wars are officially in full effect and WWE made their highly anticipated debut on primetime TV (spoiler alert – for better or worse is up for debate). The action didn’t let up over the weekend with the latest episode of WOW! If you missed it, here’s a recap for you! Quick note, no one’s claimed the honorary Slammy for spotting Wrestling Examiner editor Jaime Michel in the crowd yet. Hurry up and find him before he gets kidnapped by a voodoo priestess and a zombie!

After a video recap showing the history of violence between Jungle Grrrl and The Beast, Jungle Grrrl came to the ring. She cut a heel-ish promo, airing her frustrations and putting the women in the back as well as the fans on notice. She then called out The Beast, who instantly appeared and took down Jungle Grrrl with a spear. Referees came out to separate the two and David McLane set up the two rivals for a match later tonight.

Match One: Fury (with The Psycho Sisters, Razor and Mezmeriah) Vs Fire

  • Fury and Fire traded quick pinfall attempts at the start.
  • Fire kept Fury at bay with her speed early on, but Fury’s Psycho Sisters tripped up Fire as she climbed to the top rope. Later on, they would take every opportunity they could to attack Fire behind they referee’s back.
  • The fiery Fire never gave up, getting control back over her stronger opponent despite the outside presence of The Psycho Sisters.
  • Fury nearly won with a powerful superplex, but Fire kicked out at 2.8.
  • From out of nowhere, Fire hit The Barnburner to score the upset win.
  • After the match the three Psycho Sisters attacked Fire, but Adrenaline came out and saved Fire from the attack. In a post match interview with David McLane, Fire and Adrenaline quickly bonded and announced they would be entering the WOW Tag Team Series.

A video package of Siren The Voodoo Doll and Holidead was shown. Voodoo used her dark magic to cast a spell on Princess Aussie, burning the Princess’s heritage sticks from afar (possibly from across the globe, as it appeared Princess Aussie was actually in Australia) and also rendering Aussie unconscious.

Match Two: Siren The Voodoo Doll (with Holidead) Vs Chantilly Chella

  • Chantilly Chella may be the smartest wrestler in history. When she came to the ring, she actually noticed she was outnumbered, so she went to the commentary table and said “Nope, I’ll be right back.” She came back out with Sassy Massy to even the odds.
  • An early attempt to broker peace by Chella failed and Siren took control of the contest.
  • Chella tried to use her speed advantage to get back in the match, and eventually was able to dodge a Vader bomb attempt to take control on offense.
  • Chella hit a cutter on Siren, but Holidead distracted the referee to prevent a three count. Sassy Massy pulled Holidead from the apron, but not in time to avoid the subterfuge.
  • After the distraction, Siren hit the Voodoo Driver to get the win.

A video package recapped the history between Lana Star and The Beverly Hills Babe, from how Star turned BHB against her former partner Santana Garrett to join her, only to turn on the Babe at the first hint of trouble. Amber O’Neal gets her chance at revenge, teaming with Jessie Jones to take on Star and her new partner/protege Faith The Lioness.

Match Three: Lana Star and Faith The Lioness Vs Jessie Jones and Amber O’Neal

  • This match is part of the WOW Tag Team Series.
  • The roots for this match were laid back on episode two.
  • Jessie Jones and Faith started off, with Jones using her experience to gain an early advantage.
  • When O’Neal got tagged in, she went right after Star on the apron, who quickly jumped off.
  • Though a newly formed team, Jones and O’Neal worked well together, constantly keeping The Lioness off balance.
  • When given the opportunity to tag in and face Amber O’Neal, Lana Star wanted no part of her and avoided the tag.
  • When The Lioness got hit into Lana Star, Star was inadvertently tagged into the match. Within seconds, Jessie Jones got Star into her armbar finisher The Bourbon Stretch and tapped her out for the win, advancing her and O’Neal into the next round of the Tag Team Series.
  • After the match, Jones said her and O’Neal (Grits And Glam) were going to make tag team wrasslin’ great again.

Match Four: Jungle Grrrl Vs The Beast

  • The Beast started off strong, spearing Jungle Grrrl and then hip tossing her out of the ring.
  • When the action came back into the ring, the two evenly matched competitors went back and forth on offense.
  • Jungle Grrrl hit the Jungle Driver and went for the Jungle Splash, but The Beast got to her feet and threw Jungle Grrrl from the top turnbuckle nearly to the corner across the ring.
  • The Beast went for a second spear but Jungle Grrrl dodged and she took out the referee.
  • Jungle Grrrl hit a German suplex on The Beast and had her pinned for the win but there was no referee to make the count.
  • With Jungle Grrrl frustrated by the win slipping through her grasp, Tessa Blanchard took advantage of the circumstances, sneaking into the ring and hitting Jungle Grrrl with a briefcase, “repaying” The Beast for taking out Jungle Grrrl with a spear to help Blanchard win the title a few months back. As the show went off the air, The Beast did not appear grateful for the help.

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