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Monday Night Raw Top 10 Hit & Misses (Aug. 28)

1 Hit – Promo Class

This might be the best segment I’ve seen all year.

I mean damn, they are really pulling no punching for this Wrestlemania show down. I mean No Mercy.

The night after Raw the internet was buzzing with speculation on whether this was a shoot or not. Or if this is the next CM Punk pipe bomb. Or whether or not John Cena buried Roman Reigns.

There is definitely a lot to dissect about this but number one, this was a grand slam of a contract signing segment. It definitely wasn’t a shoot because Reigns forgot his lines, but they used snark fan dog whistles like; “shovel”, “promo” and “the Today Show.” It worked too because we all collectively lost our minds.

To hear John Cena say the things about Roman Reigns we complain about every week was surreal. And in a sense, can create a problem for Reigns in the future. He’s going to sound like a chump when he brags about retiring a beat up veteran at the end of his career with a bad hip. But it’s up to Reigns what happens from here because, as Cena said, the fans hold the keys.

His performance wasn’t exactly on par with Cena’s but he played his role. The tension in the room was so thick after Cena bowed to Reigns and waited for him to sign that contract after he’s been humiliated on the mic, until the Good Brothers sucked it all out. Which was for our own good because we don’t want these guys to put their hands on each other yet.

Promos like this can’t be done often because they don’t really make sense. When CM Punk broke the fourth wall it was a sign of disrespect to management. Coming out of John Cena’s mouth changes the impact.

Even still, that doesn’t take a single thing away from his performance tonight. This match is going to be brutal.

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