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Jim Ross On The Possibility of Kurt Angle Wrestling in AEW

Jim Ross - Wrestling Examiner

WWE Hall of Famer and current AEW commentator Jim Ross recently gave his thoughts on the current situation with WWE, where they released several of their wrestlers and employees due to the economic climate caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his latest Patreon Exclusive episode of Grilling Jr, Ross commented on Kurt Angle, who was one of the talent that WWE released. He would talk about the possibility of Kurt Angle joining AEW at his current age and condition, compared Angle to Tom Brady, and more.

Jim Ross on Kurt Angle at this age

“I know he wasn’t being used a lot. There’s always some trepidation about Kurt’s health. He has had a lot of injuries. And you don’t want to get a guy [that’s] pushing beyond the pale. Look, Kurt’s also got a young family, he’s got several kids, you know? He’s got to find work. There’s a million things Kurt can do, no doubt. But he may have to get out of the day to day pro wrestling business to accomplish that.”

Jim Ross comparing Kurt Angle to Tom Brady

“He’s a great talker. He’s a hell of a personality, you know? He’s got acting chops, he’s got talent. But his age and his injury situation may be a little bit prohibitive. Now, he’s one of the greatest talents I’ve ever seen. He was a great signing for us [then WWF] when we signed him, he adapted. He took Dory Funk Jr’s coaching and Tom Prichard’s coaching very very well. He is a monster athlete. But again, he’s like Tom Brady, he was at one time considered the greatest in the game. But at 42 for Brady? How’s Brady gonna play this year at that age? We’ll wait and see if he plays this year, If anybody plays [football] this year.”

Jim Ross on a possible short run for Kurt Angle in AEW?

“Just fantasy booking here. This will make the internet for clickbait, because that’s what goes through their head. No creativity, and they’re little wh*res. Theoretically, if he’s cleared physically, and I don’t know that he would be. But if he was cleared physically? He may be a guy that you can bring in for a program against a guy like [AEW Champion Jon] Moxley. The matches between Moxley and Angle, if Kurt is healthy and able to go? They could be phenomenal. But it’s not a long term thing, right? It might be a big program you get that takes you to a pay per view. But that’s it.”

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