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Ivelisse Interview – Injuries, Time in WWE, more (Video)

Ivelisse - Wrestling Examiner - WrestlingExaminer.com

Ivelisse from Lucha Underground was recently interviewed by wrestlinginc.com (video below). She talks about her recent ankle injury, her thoughts on intergender matches, her short time in the WWE, the future of Lucha Underground, and much more. Here are some of the highlights…

Ivelisse On Her Most Recent Ankle Injury:

“Well I can’t really say because it’s far ahead in the show. It’s an accident and those happen all the time. It was tough to mentally process it even happening again. I learned so much from the first injury that this one’s like nothing. My foot almost looks normal, so the healing is going Wolverine like, super fast. I’ve done everything I learned in favor of healing from the last time I got injured. I’m pretty optimistic right now. I might be back pretty fast.”

Ivelisse Thoughts On Intergeder Matches:

“I love intergender matches. When I first started wrestling, that’s what I’d do the most. Before I signed with WWE, I’d wrestle guys all the time. It’s something I really enjoy. To a certain degree I prefer it, but I didn’t have to start learning that female-to-female dynamic until WWE. Then I went to SHINE, where it’s all women, and I had the longest SHINE title reign. That’s where I learned to do that dynamic even more. I love learning, I still love to wrestle everybody. Any character is a puzzle to learn, an art. I love trying to figure out what would be the best possible story to bring out. How would this character react to my character? What story could that provide? Whether female or male, it’s that puzzle I like to crack.”

Ivelisse On Her Short Time in WWE:

“Yeah. I was very blunt with my intentions in WWE from the first moment I stepped in there. I was constantly told ‘don’t wrestle like a guy,’ and I said ‘that’s pretty much what I do,’ (laughs). They’d say it’s a good thing they had to pull me back, but to do a little less. I didn’t really listen because that wasn’t really my intention there. I did enough to get by. The demeanor where I’m having a meeting at the FCW school that’s supposed to be an educational meeting, and we’re asking questions after learning from this person and I start talking and the first thing the refer to about the women is that they’re a bathroom break. I said ‘What? I completely disagree with you.’ I don’t remember exactly what I said, but people were looking at me like ‘Holy crap, what are you doing?’ I don’t care. I was very outspoken about what I believed in. I wasn’t being disrespectful, I just knew we deserved respect like the guys. That’s what I wanted to bring to the table. Even with my Latin heritage, I was trying to bring that to the table as well. That wasn’t very well received either. I guess I was there at the wrong place, wrong time. It just didn’t work out. Maybe my strong character rubbed off the wrong way because they weren’t used to that, I don’t know. I always tried to respectfully state my case. If it’s not received in a respectful way, then obviously they’re going to take whatever I’m saying as something negative because it’s not what they want to hear. Like ‘you want me to be a bathroom break? Okay, I’ll go show my assets with a smile on my face, yes yes.’ If it’s not what they want to hear, it’s a bad attitude.”

You can listen to the whole interview below..