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Triple H…Best for Business

For every staunch supporter that Triple H has, he has 2 or 3 doubters. There’s always going to be something he does that will rub some people the wrong way. Inevitably, he’ll miss the boat on a talented performer, and he’ll get crushed for it. Sitting here and pretending that he isn’t fortunate to have married into the most powerful family in professional wrestling would be delusional. Yes, marrying Stephanie McMahon opened up doors for him that might have otherwise been closed, but what he did when he got his foot in the door was all him. For as much as the wrestling world owes Vince McMahon, he’s been grossly out of touch with his fan base for almost a decade now. Triple H is the guy with his finger on the wrestling world’s pulse. I have a hard time believing guys like Tommy End (Allistor Black), La Sombra (Andrade “Cien” Almas), and Roderick Strong would have gotten the call from WWE if it wasn’t for Triple H. From Tara Ryzing, to “The Connecticut Blue Blood,” to “The Cerebral Assasin,” to the “King of Kings,” all the way to his current executive role, Triple H has come a long way in the wrestling business. You can criticize the way he got there, but regardless, he currently sits atop the wrestling world, just slightly beneath his father-in-law. For the first time in a while the future looks extremely bright for WWE, and Triple H is mainly to thank. None of us would have considered him a suitable successor to Vince McMahon during his wrestling career, but after seeing what he’s done since gaining his power, Hunter one day running WWE might simply be “What’s best for business.”

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