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Batista: WWE World Champion To Guardian Of The Galaxy

After kicking Orton out of Evolution and regaining his World Championship, Triple H was sitting pretty and ruling Raw with an iron fist. By late 2004 however, tensions within Evolution began to grow. WWE was teasing a conflict between Evolution‘s leader and its enforcer. The problems only grew when Batista made his desire to be World Champion known. Regardless, the group stayed together and continued to dominate. Then the 2005 Royal Rumble came along. To the dismay of “The Game,” Batista entered and won the Royal Rumble match, and earned the opportunity to challenge for either the WWE or World Championship at WrestleMania. Triple H tried to convince Batista into challenging JBL for the WWE Championship, and it seemed as if he would for a bit. When it was time for Batista to officially pick a champion to face and sign the contract for the match, he picked up the SmackDown contract and gave Triple H a thumbs up. Triple H would smile and give him a thumbs up back, only for Batista to turn it upside down, just like Triple H had done to Orton. Batista would sign the Raw contract and officially be scheduled to face Triple H at WrestleMania for the World Championship. He would deliver a Batista Bomb to Triple H through a table for good measure.

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