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WWE Raw Review 10/10/2016

wwe-raw-wrestling-examinerWWE Raw came through The Bay giving us a lot of good wrestling, and also a lot of dumb stuff that they like to give us. Let’s talk about it.

Distractions, Distractions.
The main event scene is really a mess. I’m too lazy to really analyze it, I’m also too confused. But if I just ignore all the authority stuff, then we have some good storytelling.

I find it amazing that underneath the many layers of creatives stale, authority overbooking, Jericho and Kevin Owens are making a diamond. Every week we are getting just the slightest taste of dissension between the two. This week when Jericho said they’re both champions, and Owens gave him a deadly glare. But they brought it back together when Owen’s was reminded that he needs Jericho. It’s so subtle and brilliant.

Seth Rollins is still saying a bunch of stuff about the Authority, but I’m just going to pretend all he cares about is the title and Kevin Owens. Because that’s all he should care about. He has the man in a cage, nobody can help him cheat, all he has to do is beat him. Everything that comes out of Seth’s mouth about Steph is pointless and confusing because whatever Stephanie is doing is ultimately pointless and confusing.

The match between Jericho and Seth saved the show for me. Not only was it a good back in forth battle, and a great match between great workers, but it had stakes. We rooted for Rollins to overcome the heels, but deep, deep down, we were kind of rooting for Jericho.

Girl Talk
The show started off on a very high note with The Boss coming out to a hot crowd. When she announced that her and Charlotte would be fighting in a Hell in a Cell, I felt a feeling I haven’t felt since Christmas. Getting a gift that not only is something I’ve never thought I’d get, but something that’s going to change things forever. That excitement quickly waned though. Maybe I’m being nitpicky here (I’m not) but it’s really annoying when the onscreen product compliments the onscreen product. I hate the idea that the women can’t have a match without it making strides for women’s wrestling or some phony revolution that they use as to constantly fell-ate themselves, even when they hadn’t really done anything.

The Cell is not some gift the participants get for being good wrestlers. For them to completely ignore their storyline and potential heated rivalry to bask in the glory of their own excellence takes every bit of fun this could’ve been. Perhaps in the coming weeks they’ll refocus, but for now, this stinks.

Payday guys. Seriously, Payday.
Like I said earlier, the show started on a high note, then it plunged. During that decent, the Rusev/Reigns thing pretty much eclipse the women’s fued. It made not much sense either. First they want Charlotte and Sasha to have a girl power moment by kicking Rusev in the ring. Then they have Charlotte and Rusev team up.. Because it was in the script I guess. Also I could smell a cheap Reigns booking ploy a mile away. And no, Sasha Banks can’t get Roman cheered. Nothing will, especially when you have those cringe worthy cardboard cutout backstage segments when Roman and Sasha trade catchphrases. And when she walks away, who the hell is he looking at? Why is he looking around?!

The match wasn’t much better than the build. It was mostly just the two juggernauts beating on each other, the women didn’t get much time. And beside from a roll up pin attempt, Charlotte got zero offense in. The upside to all this is Rusev has a cool beard now. And also, buy Payday.

Cruiser Wait
Sin Cara joined the cruiserweights and hopefully it’ll work out for him. That match was, a match. I’m sorry if I’m being a curmudgeon again, but after watching the cruiserweight classic, then seeing matches like this, it’s almost impossible to care. And having the commentators explain why a group of superstars hates another group of superstars, in lieu of SHOWING it, is not going to get anybody over.

On the other hand, everything with TJP and Kendrick was all good tonight. Kendrick works as a heel because he’s a person you believe in, his very simple reasons for trying to get a final push before his career is over. The backstage segment between the two created a real impersonal look at their relationship and made us appreciate it.

Ariya Daivari had a great showcase as a heel, putting a beating on TJP, forcing him to fight from the bottom. With Kendrick on commentary, this whole segment worked for me.

Sweaty Booty-O’s
I loved Big E throwing disgusting, sweaty Booty O’s at the audience. Daniel Bryan & Ka… I mean Cesaro and Sheamus don’t work together well. I get it. Having a single match is not a great way to tell that story. How is Sheamus Facebooking affecting Cesaro’s single match? It’s just dumb…

The Haters Club
The Club is just going around beating up people for no reason. To make things worse they’re beating up people that we like. Enzo & Cass against the Club has no reason not to be fun. But the booking will be crucial because The Club needs to be over as a heel tag team, and Enzo & Cass haven’t been doing anything lately. So they both need to look strong after this. I have no faith in creative to pull this off.

Former NXT Champs
The fact that Bo Dallas has more to do than Sami Zayn, and Neville is just sad. Whatever. By the way, Bo Dallas said “they all shall fall”. So… Wyatt?

I’m Not Kidding, PAYDAY!!
Titus O’neal was supposed to get that Payday ad, not R-Truth. And Goldust blah blah Payday, Payday, Payday!!

Short Homecoming Party
Bayley had a sloppy squash match that didn’t do much but at least the crowd liked it.

Killing Two Birds With One Strowman
I like this match because Braun seemed really annoyed as he massacred those two little kids. I don’t want him to get what he wants, because if not he may ruin the show next week or something interesting.

Paul E. Safely
Heyman is so good at what he does; I think he’s getting bored. After showing that stupid pointless clip from the upcome 2K game I just wanted him to hurry and get to the announcement.

This match should be a big deal; I never thought I’d see Goldberg in WWE again. So I should be excited. I’m not though. Not yet at least. This could end up being a signature Vince McMahan overbooked mess.

There was a lot of good in ring action tonight, but Foley and Stephanie’s presence seems more and more unnecessary. And there was an entire hour where watching felt like torture.

my Grade: C with two smiley face stickers