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WWE 24/7 Title Changes Hands Twice On SmackDown LIVE

Last night’s episode of SmackDown LIVE was quite an eventful show as we also saw The WWE 24/7 Title change hands twice in one night just like we did during last week’s show.

R-Truth was forced to defend his WWE 24/7 Title against Elias in a Lumberjack Match, which saw Elias pick up a pinfall victory in quick fashion. After the match, The Lumberjacks would then attack Elias, but he would quickly get out of dodge and hide under the ring, which also had R-Truth underneath it. R-Truth would then re-emerge from under the ring with a referee and The WWE 24/7 Title, confirming that a title change took place once again.

R-Truth winning The WWE 24/7 Title once again now makes him a four-time WWE 24/7 Champion. Elias winning The WWE 24/7 Title from R-Truth before losing it back to R-Truth makes him a two-time WWE 24/7 Champion, with both title reigns lasting for not more than an hour combined. You can check out both title changes in the photos and the videos below: