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What It Shall Be: NXT 2017 Aug 23

While the constant highlight video-ing is a laborious task to focus through, it is downright refreshing to hear Mauro Ranallo running down the talking points. Mixed with the KICKASS soundtrack it is almost tolerable..

Ouch, oof… almost tolerable. So after a highlight video, we segue right into ANOTHER HIGHLIGHT VIDEO. A quick note, Bobby Roode‘s “special” entrance was vastly inferior to the others last Saturday. I mean, a midi keyboard note video? Really? You couldn’t get a live pianist for that?

Wait a second, I thought the highlights were a little different. Lot’s of attention to the entrances, but now we’re reliving the entire match? We already watched a highlight video that gave the match much quicker! NXT, you just crossed the line! This is lazy television development right here. Even the post-match proceedings were shown! Why do this? Spoiler alert, there is no new information or character development for the people involved this episode. Nothing.

Bobby Roode in a post-match segment? Five days later? Okay. I am a fan of Roode, and I am happy to see him on Smackdown, but this is just extraneous.

So after watching highlights for almost TEN MINUTES STRAIGHT, we are, oh wow, finally getting to the main event. Oops, not yet; Aleister Black and Hideo Itami had some highlights to add in as well… Can I just say though that Black’s entrance at TakeOver was fantastic?

Okay, now is the time. I am very excited to watch these young gentlemen get down so I’m going to give this match the proper attention. No play by play, I’m just going to enjoy myself..

Hell yeah, what a match! By no means was it meant to be a five-star classic, but lots of fun nonetheless! Dunne and Bate were the focus of the match, and they delivered to that end. Wolfgang picks up the win with an impressive Swanton, while Trent Seven.. was there. Hey, not everyone can be the star! Solid effort by all four men in this one.

So, as predicted, the post-TakeOver NXT weekly skewed south of sub-par. The UK tag match at the end cinched the evening, but both matches were worth watching. Only wish I could have watched them while they happened. Next week is the unofficial season opener, so be sure to tune in to actually see where the pegs fall in. Thanks for reading🙂

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