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Five to the Front: A First Look at YAMATO From Dragon Gate

Hi, I’m Brian Andrews. I like wrestling. Hell, I love wrestling. Professional wrestling (and by definition, sports entertainment) intrigues me, fascinates me. I watch it, study it.. I have life philosophies that are based on professional wrestling tropes and stories. So you could say I’m a real freak.

It CONTINUES to be real to me, damn it..

I look at wrestling as a science. Which, I admit is more of an Eastern way of thinking of combat, or pseudo-combat, for an American pig such as myself. Now, I will be the first to admit I don’t know everything about anything. For wrestling, at least, I am more than willing to learn.

I’m fixin’ to strap on my learning cap and dive down into a media rabbit hole I won’t soon see the end of. Come along, fellow Padawans and Apprentices, and enter the path of learning. Ladies and gentlemen: YAMATO.

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