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Top Lucha Underground Star Headed To WWE?

Prince Puma - Wrestling Examiner - WrestlingExaminer.com

Lucha Underground currently has a lot of great talent in their roster, but one of their biggest stars might be on his way out. Prince Puma also known as Ricochet on the Indie scene is rumored to be headed to WWE soon according to The Wrestling Observer. It is being reported that he is no longer taking bookings after June, which adds to the rumor.

It has been reported that WWE had some interest in him before, but since he was under contract with Lucha Underground he was unavailable to them. It is believed that he had signed a 3 season contract which will end at the end of next month when they finish taping the last episode of season 3.

If that wasn’t enough to make you believe, New Japan is is currently looking for someone to replace Ricochet as he is currently Matt Sydal’s tag team partner in New Japan.