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Tommaso Ciampa On His History With Scarlett, If He Sees Any Weaknesses In Karrion Kross

Tommaso Ciampa - Wrestling Examiner

In a recent interview with ComicBook.com, Tommaso Ciampa talked about his history with Scarlette, what weaknesses he sees in Karrion Kross, and much more.

Check out the highlights below.

Tommaso Ciampa on his history with Scarlett:

“Yeah, I don’t know how many people are aware of it, but Scarlett and I have a bit of a past as far as wrestling goes. We were both in Ring of Honor at the same time, and our paths crossed when she was managing Matt Taven. It was more than anything just a familiar face that I know what she’s capable of ringside and the distraction that she causes and it was one of those days, you have your moments, I think of just Christ, we’re doing this again. This time around, she just happens to have a monster behind her. I don’t know, man. Deja vu more than anything, and in a very different way than Johnny and Candice.”

Tommaso Ciampa on what weaknesses he sees in Karrion Kross:

“I don’t know that we’ve seen enough of him to know a weakness, so I kind of feel like, in a weird way, while I have home-field advantage, he has the advantage of studying my tapes and knowing what I do and what I don’t do and my tendencies. I don’t know much about him, so that’s a hard one to answer. He’s big. He’s very strong, and he seems like he’s technically sound. I don’t know what his weakness is, and kind of how I said it last week on television, this doesn’t feel as much to me like a match that is going to be won or lost by weaknesses as much as it is by just who comes in and gives their A-game, and I think my A-game just happens to be better than his A-game.”

Tommaso Ciampa on no longer being the villain he used to be:

“Honestly, for a guy who spent the better part of two years being the most hated person in professional wrestling, once that was taken out of my hands, and it was like oh, we’re going to tell your story, everybody else just felt… I just kind of went with what felt natural as far as just letting people in on the rehab and stuff. It’s kind of like once we pulled back the curtain, there was no shutting people out again. It wasn’t like I was going to return and be that same villain that I was prior. There’s nothing I could do to be that hated person. I think it just became like okay, well, we pulled back the curtain, we might as well just now go with it and be organic and real. I’m still eagerly awaiting the time when something happens and I can go back to my villainous ways, but until that happens, I will continue doing what I’m told to do.”