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TJ Perkins Claims He Was Taken Advantage Of By Female Wrestlers When He Was 15

TJ Perkins - Wrestling Examiner

There are several accusation of sexual assault currently going around in the wrestling industry, but former WWE Superstar TJ Perkins recently took to Twitter to let it be known that male wrestlers are not the only one doing it. Perkins claims that he was taken advantage of by women in the industry that were between 20 – 22 years old when he was only fifteen. He goes on to say that the reason why he never talked about it, was because for several men in the business, it would be considered something to be proud of.

Perkins’ post came after Session Moth Martina spoke out against slut shaming and ‘boys will be boys’ attitude that she see’s in the Industry.

TJ Perkins wrote:

I’ve always felt that double standard is wrong. On the flipside, I shared 2 stories last night with a loved one of myself at 15 being taken advantage of/pressured by older girls in wrestling who were 20-22 at the time. Hard to share cuz men are expected to be proud of such things. What makes it tough in the other direction is guys are both expected to be proud of such things, and also shamed for the sexist nature of being proud of such things. But it felt uncomfortable, nervous, empty, etc as anyone would feel in that situation. Difficult to express. I definitely don’t suggest it’s 50/50 or anything, and I absolutely don’t want to take any focus away from anyone who is sharing regardless of gender. There’s obviously double standards existing both ways and everyone’s experiences are different and should be viewed individually.