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The Young Bucks Say They Now Have An ‘NBA-Level’ Contract With AEW

During an interview with the Swerve City Podcast (via Fightful), The Young Bucks recently confirmed that they have re-signed with AEW. They also mentioned that they signed a high-paying ‘NBA-level’ deal. Barry Bloom who is currently their agent told them that they now had the highest guarantee of any tag team in wrestling history. You can check out the highlights of the interview below:

Nick Jackson on The Young Bucks new deals:

“When we signed it, we were like, this is an NBA-level contract. That’s pretty crazy. Scott Hall, he tweeted me, this was when I would answer fans about criticism. I was immature and said something like, ‘Screw you, I make six figures.’ Scott Hall goes, ‘Bro, think about making seven figures.’ I go, ‘No chance in hell this is possible.’ That was only a few year ago. Things have changed so quick.”

Matt Jackson on the wrestling boom:

“I can see the economy in wrestling getting healthier. With AEW, that’s what happened. All of a sudden, everybody is making big money. Everybody in wrestling. I could see in the next ten years, maybe not as high as those players. TV rights money is getting bigger and bigger.”

Matt Jackson on the decision to stay:

“We honestly didn’t know. We talked about signing these contracts. A lot of fans, I’m sure are thinking, ‘How unsurprising, the Elite re-signed.’ We didn’t even know if we were going to re-sign. We had no idea. We knew, not just the two of us, Hangman and Kenny, the four of us, we negotiated together, as a team. I don’t know if that’s ever really been done. The votes did not line up every time. We said majority wins on this. There was a lot of emotions in the last year, as the world knows. One day, this person is voting to leave, this person is voting to go. We weren’t even on the same page the whole time.”

The Young Bucks on wanting to leave at one point:

“Matt and I [laughs]. There was many times where Matt said, ‘I’ve had enough. I’m ready to retire.’ I had to talk him out of that. I had to talk him out retiring. It’s fun to fantasize about retirement, so I get it. He’s almost in his 40s. It’s a long-term deal, the fans will see us for a long time.”