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The Revolt On Their Time In WWE, Asking For Their Release, Tag Team Wrestling & Much More


The Revival - Wrestling Examiner

Recently Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler, The Revolt (formerly known as Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, The Revival) were guest on Chris Jericho’s podcast Talk is Jericho. They talked about several topics including their time in WWE, asking WWE for their release, their feelings on tag team wrestling, and so much more.

Check out the highlights or listen to the full podcast below.

Cash Wheeler on when they first asked for their release from WWE:

“It was somewhere around mid-January of 2019 that we initially had talked to some of the office and asked for our release, at the time, we were under the impression, we were told we were going to get it, things obviously changed.”

Cash Wheeler on waiting to prove a point:

“Dax and I, we’d been debating for months if we wanted to stay or not,”

“We had said, after this loop, let’s wait until we’re on the upswing so it doesn’t look like we’re only upset because we’re losing. Let’s wait until it’s on the upswing and then ask. That way people know it’s not just about us, it’s about the tag-team division as a whole.”

Cash Wheeler on the tag-team division in WWE:

“(Braun Strowman) had steamrolled the entire tag-team division and then a 10-year-old won the tag titles at WrestleMania and then no tag-teams were featured on SummerSlam until the last minute they added the women’s tag titles,” he continued.

“We wanted to make a point, the tag-team division doesn’t get respect, it doesn’t get the time that we think a lot of these teams deserve and we want to take chances on ourselves. So, that’s why we asked when we asked.”

Dax Harwood on everyone knowing they had asked for their release:

“I’m not kidding you, as soon as we walked out of that talent relations office, everyone knew. I don’t know how but everyone knew that we had asked for it.”

“Right after that is whenever people started saying we were complaining. We were getting tagged a lot on Twitter that we were just complaining and being crybabies but I dare you to ask any of our coworkers if they ever heard us complain.”