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The Godfather Speaks On Vince McMahon’s Views On Marijuana

The Godfather - Wrestling Examiner

WWE Hall of Famer The Godfather recently had an interview with WrestlingInc, where he talked about his cannabis business, smoking marijuana before and after his matches, trying to get others to smoke so they can stop taking pain pills, how Vince McMahon views Marijuana and much more.

The Godfather on if marijuana was common:

“When I was there, some of the older guys smoked but very, very few guys smoked when I was there.”

The Godfather on trying to get people to smoke with him:

“I used to try to get – I’m not gonna name names as lots of people have passed on – but I used to try to get them to smoke and get off of this other stuff as it worked for me. But not a lot of people were doing it when I was there as it was just a handful of us,”

The Godfather on Vince McMahon’s views on marijuana:

“[Laughs] Well, I’m not gonna go that far but Vince is up on the times. If cannabis were to become legal, then he would have no problem supporting it. He supported it when I was there, I’ve never smoked with Vince or seen Vince smoke.”

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