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The Drama Between Jim Cornette & Chris Jericho Continues Over AEW’s Stadium Stampede Match


Chris Jericho & Jim Cornette - Wrestling Examiner

On the latest episode of Jim Cornette Experience, he response to Chris Jericho who responded to Cornette’s criticism on AEW’s Stampede Stadium match. Jericho had said that anyone who didn’t like the match doesn’t have a soul.

Check out Jim Cornette’s respond below.

Jim Cornette on wrestling turning into late night comedy:

“When your old friends suddenly lose their rabid ass minds, what do you do, Brian? Searching for a way to positively respond to the positively ridiculous idea that anything about that was the essence of wrestling, the people that I have heard from, in a positive fashion, to go to the people that I’ve felt positively about, people are fucking saying what the fuck, the same thing I said. I don’t ever want to see wrestling anymore if this is what they’ve fucking turned it into. The late night television, Benny Hill sketch. It’s not even Saturday Night Live, Saturday Night Live did several wrestling sketches with stars in them, at least you had star power.”

Jim Cornette on how the Stadium Stampede match made a mockery of wrestling:

“The people that I hear from, who apparently have no souls, are offended because they actually have loved wrestling for a long time until it quit being fucking wrestling. So between Twitter and email and the folks that we have heard from on all forms of social media, the comments on YouTube, what the fuck? Just what the fuck? If it was South Park, I mean, common. This is not remotely anything to do with professional wrestling. They’ve completely lost the plot and everyone thinks they’re a fucking comedian now, and an entertainer. If wrestling was always entertainment the same way football, or boxing, or UFC or whatever the fuck, any sport is entertainment, but it doesn’t have to be silly, stupid, and hokey. It doesn’t have to be fake, and contrived, and phony, and amateurish, and juvenile. You don’t have to make mockery of it and piss on it, when people for all these years that did it right, fucking blazed a trail for you to come in and vomit in its fucking face. So positively, I hate that we hurt Chris’ feelings, but on the negative side, there are literally millions of soulless people out there, the zombie apocalypse is happened and we didn’t know it.”

Jim Cornette on how those who liked wrestling are turned off by that stuff:

“The only people liked that were the people that like what they have turned wrestling into. Never bothered to look up the tapes or weren’t old enough to see it done properly or just don’t give a shit. But for people who have liked wrestling, this is the exact thing that has driven them away from liking fucking wrestling because there ain’t no fucking wrestling anymore. It’s a bunch of fucking jackoffs, fucking goddamn goofsuits, playing slap ass and tickle taint with their fucking friends, and there is no reason to watch it.”