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Spoilers For The July & August Episodes Of NXT TV

WWE recently held their latest set of TV Tapings for their NXT Brand which emanated from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. These tapings cover The July & August Episodes Of NXT TV. Below are the full spoiler results from those tapings:

July 17th Episode:

– The tapings starts with a video recap of Wednesday night’s Steel Cage Match for The NXT Women’s Title between NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler & Io Shirai as well as Io Shirai’s heel turn on Candice LeRae after the match. Shirai comes out with a new entrance and an evil leather look. The crowd won’t let her speak for nearly 5 minutes. She then says that she doesn’t have any friends and that she doesn’t need any of them. She then drops the mic.

– Matt Riddle defeated Arturo Ruas. Ruas is the former Adrian Jaoude. Really fun shoot-style fight. Ruas with a takedown and Riddle fights from the ground with elbows. Riddle hits a huge knee and starts hammering away with punches, and the referee calls for the bell. After the match, a masked man runs in and attacks Riddle. He unmasks and it’s Killian Dain. Dain beats Riddle all over the ringside area and does a running senton to Riddle on the stage that sends Riddle through the stage

– KUSHIDA defeated Apollo Crews. Hero’s welcome home for Apollo. Great match. Apollo with the delayed vertical suplex for a one count. KUSHIDA fights back. Apollo with an overhead belly to belly. KUSHIDA with a tornado DDT for 2. Apollo with the standing moonsault. KUSHIDA hits a hurricanrana that Apollo turns into a pin for 2. KUSHIDA & Apollo come off the top rope and KUSHIDA has an arm bar when they land. Apollo tries for a one arm powerbomb, but KUSHIDA turns it into the Hoverboard Lock for the win. They shake hands after the match.

– NXT Champion Adam Cole makes his way down to the ring for a promo. Cole says that he has been out on The BayBay World Tour while his boys have been holding it down there at NXT. He then says that he is going to be a fighting champion and he is going to defend his belt tonight against this man — he pitches to the video of Johnny Gargano putting the championship on his friends in Cleveland. Cole then introduces Twan Tucker. Cole then says that it is just the two of them for this opportunity. Tucker then says that it is too bad, because he didn’t come alone. Johnny Gargano then comes out and he & Cole brawl all over the building and in the crowd, ending with Gargano diving off the stage onto Cole.

– NXT Tag Team Champions The Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) retained over Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch. Good match. Fast-paced. Profits go for the Doomsday, but Oney fights out and they take control. Everything breaks down and we’re down to Oney & Montez Ford. Montez dives over Oney and wipes out Burch. Oney goes to dive but Angelo Dawkins nails him with a punch. Profits hit the spinebuster/frog splash combo to retain. After the match, Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish come out and clap at The Profits from the stage.

July 24th, July 31st & August 7th Episodes:

– Johnny Gargano & NXT Champion Adam Cole come brawling from the back. Gargano gets a superkick and locks on the GargaNo Escape until Cole taps. Gargano leaves holding up 3 fingers.

– NXT Breakout Tournament Semifinal Match: Jordan Myles defeated Angel Garza. Garza is over as a star already. Garza rips Myles off the apron with a scary bump. Garza tears the pants off to a huge reaction. Stiff match. Myles fights back with kicks. Myles goes for a springboard but Garza dropkicks him out of the air for 2. Myles hits the Hero’s Grip for the win. Shane Thorne stormed out to commentary as the match ended as well.

– Bianca Belair defeated Xia Li. Belair dominates to start. Delayed vertical with squats attempt by Belair, but Xia fights out. Belair dodges a corner attack and hits the Belair Driver for the win.

– NXT North American Champion The Velveteen Dream makes his way down to the ring for a promo. Velveteen says that the day he steps down as champion is the day the experience dies and he will go straight to hell. Dream then says that Roderick Strong sold his soul to Satan himself to beat him in The Six-Man Tag Team Match. Dream then says that Roddy isn’t big enough to ride this ride and challenges anyone else to step up. Roddy interrupts. Roddy says that he can see it in Dream’s eyes and challenges him to a match at TakeOver: Toronto. Pete Dunne interrupts to a giant reaction. Dunne lays out Strong and stares down Dream.

– Io Shirai vs. Kacy Catanzaro ends in a disqualification. Io runs wild and has Kacy up for a Fairytale Ending when Candice LeRae runs out for the DQ. Candice brawls with Io and sends her packing.

– Damian Priest defeated Keith Lee. Athletic big man stuff to start ending with the usual stand off after reversing moves. Priest takes control after kicking Lee’s knee on a charge in the corner. Priest with a rope walk into a crossbody. Lee starts firing up and gets a huge clothesline for 2. Priest hits a big suplex on Lee for a near fall. Lee with a huge pounce. Priest rolls out of the ring. Lee rolls him back in but Priest hits a knee and knocks Lee outside. Priest with a big flip dive, but Lee catches him and goes for a powerbomb, but Priest gets out and pushes him into the stairs. Lee gets angry and goes after Priest, but Priest grabs the referee. While Lee is distracted, Priest hits a kick and his version of Crossroads for the win.

– Tyler Breeze defeated Jaxson Ryker. Ryker in control to start. Breeze fights back and gets a roll up for the shock win. The Forgotten Sons (Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler) attack post match when Fandango comes out for the save to a huge reaction. They clear the ring and celebrate and pose to the audience.

– NXT Breakout Tournament Semifinal Match: Cameron Grimes defeated Bronson Reed. Weird match. Grimes wins with the running double stomp. Cameron Grimes vs. Jordan Myles in the finals at TakeOver: Toronto.

– NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler makes her way down to the ring for a promo. She says that Mia Yim delivered a message on commentary and she heard it. Baszler then says that Yim attacked Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir from behind and that this isn’t the streets, and that on the biggest stage, she is gonna put her to sleep, because street rats like her don’t survive. Mia interrupts and talks trash. Yim then asks Baszler if she is scared, and says that at TakeOver she is bringing a fight Shayna can’t train for. Shayna holds up the belt and they jaw-jack.

– Matt Riddle makes his way down to the ring for a match, but he gets blindsided by Killian Dain at ringside. Dain hits a cannonball onto Riddle against the steps and leaves him laying.

– KUSHIDA defeated Scott Parker. Looks like re-tape of Wednesday’s tapings, but more of a squash. KUSHIDA wins with the Hoverboard Lock.

– NXT General Manager William Regal makes his way down to the ring for a contract signing for The NXT Tag Team Title Match at TakeOver: Toronto between NXT Tag Team Champions The Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) & The Undisputed ERA. Regal goes to introduce The Undisputed ERA, but The Profits do the introductions, doing The New Age Outlaws’ schtick, introducing the “next tag team to get their ass kicked by The Street Profits: O’Reilly Auto Parts & Lawrence Fishburne Jr.” The Undisputed ERA then makes their way down to the ring. Bobby Fish says that was funny, but he forgot to laugh. Kyle O’Reilly then says that he remembered to laugh, but didn’t because it wasn’t funny. Fish then says that they are funnier than them, and asks O’Reilly to tell him the joke he heard earlier. O’Reilly then says that the joke is “The Street Profits are NXT Tag Team Champions.” Everyone, including The Profits, laughs. The Profits then run down The Undisputed ERA’s accomplishments, but then asks them what makes them think losing is an option for The Street Profits. They say that there is only one option and that is to win. The crowd chants win with them. Dawkins then says that in Toronto, The Street Profits are gonna beat that ass, and that is Undisputed. Everyone signs the contract and Regal makes the match official.

– Shane Thorne defeated Joaquin Wilde. Good back and forth for most of the match. Wilde with a big powerbomb out of the corner for 2. Shane with a big uppercut. Wilde with a popup boot, then through the middle rope for a DDT and a flip dive. Shane rolls in at 9, then rolls back out. Shane tosses Wilde into the ring post, the steps, the ramp, and the apron, rolls him in the ring, and hits a running grounded knee for the win.

– Pete Dunne defeated Roderick Strong. Grappling to start. Roddy with an enziguiri and he goes to town with chops and stops in the corner. Dunne with a huge clothesline and he hits the arm stomp. Dunne bends the fingers and kicks the arm. Roddy with a torture rack backbreaker to regain control. Roddy with a dropkick for 2. Dunne with a dropkick off the top and Dunne runs wild on Roddy. Dunne fights off a suplex and hits a big head kick. Dunne goes for the moonsault, but Roddy cuts him off and drops him on the apron with a backbreaker, but only gets a 2. Roddy gets out of a Bitter End attempt and gets an Angle Slam, but Dunne gets a DDT on the End of Heartache attempt. They trade chops. Roddy with an enziguiri to the knee on the top rope. They go for a sunset flip and have a nasty landing. Roddy with a powerbomb for 2 and transitions to the Stronghold on the kickout. Dunne gets a submission for the win. After the match, NXT North American Champion The Velveteen Dream sneaks in and faces off with Dunne. Strong yells at Dream that at TakeOver, the title is his. Dunne grabs Dream’s fingers as he poses and snaps them, and lays him out with Bitter End to end the tapings.

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