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Shayna Baszler Responds to Critic

Shayna Baszler

Everyone knows that WWE Superstar Shayna Baszler never has had a problem speaking her mind. This week Shayna went at a critic of her’s on Twitter.

After someone on Twitter claimed that Shayna should start looking for a new job, because she “cannot wrestle,” she responded with “I have a title match at WrestleMania & you aren’t even the best cashier at your cruddy job.”

The fan later wrote that Shayna “squandered her time at NXT.” Shayna responded with

“Yeah, my time at NXT was….squandered. #ShaynaTwoTime.”

The same person responded by saying that she was bragging about her time in a developmental brand, which she responded with

“1. NXT is NOT developmental 2. Even if it was, you literally said Ronda SKIPPED “developmental” and developed while I DID go to ‘developmental.’ Make up your mind, dude. Hate me all you want, but at least TRY to be intelligent about it.”

A different fan asked Sayna, who thinks like that person she responded with

“People with low IQ.”

You can check out her tweets below.

Shayna Baszler and Becky Lynch are scheduled to face off for the RAW Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 36 on Sunday, April 5 2020 in Tampa, Florida, at Raymond James Stadium.