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Rob Gronkowski Signing With WWE Is Reportedly Unlikely To Happen

With The New England Patriots in The Super Bowl, expect there to be many discussions over the next few weeks on Rob Gronkowski’s future. The All Pro Tight End flirted with retirement last offseason and a potential career in Pro Wrestling was talked about as a possible reason why Gronk could call it quits.

That talk hasn’t died down at all as Gronkowski has struggled with injuries on the football field and he could look for something less demanding on the body. NFL Reporter Ian Rapoport addressed Gronk’s future and if those future plans include The WWE, as seen below:

“There’s a strong possibility that this is the offseason he decides to hang it up and potentially go into a second career, maybe in the WWE although that is probably unlikely,” said Rapoport. “More likely from Gronkowski, he’ll try to be a movie star.

“As far as why he’d consider retirement Chris Rose, just think about this, he’s battled so many health injuries over the course of his career. He’s finally healthy now and feeling good but clearly not the same player. Not do doubt Chris, Gronkowski has a lot to ponder after today.”

Gronkowski’s love for Pro Wrestling is well known as he is good friends with Mojo Rawley and Gronk had an in-ring altercation with Jinder Mahal at WrestleMania 33.

The WWE’s infatuation with Gronk is also apparent as a report at this time last year stated that the company was interested in signing the long-time Patriot.

WWE has had success in the past and present in converting sports starts into sports entertainment stars, with Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey as examples.

At the very least, Gronk can battle it out with George Kittle of The 49ers as the biggest wrestling fan in The NFL.