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Ric Flair On What He’s Most Proud Of, 30 for 30, Watching His Daughter Perform, Plus More

Ric Flair - Wrestling Examiner

Ric Flair had an interview on ESPN’s SportsCenter were he talked about several things including what he was more proud of in his career, his daughter Charlotte Flair, his ESPN 30 for 30 special, and more.

“You know what I’m most proud of is the fact that I’ve been able to adjust to the differences from the 70s,” Flair said. “It’s changed drastically. I think that so many people weren’t able to adjust with the fact that we were sports entertainment. My god, to call ourselves entertainers, which is all we are. At the end of the day, very athletic, hopefully, entertainers.”

“The Nature Boy” added that he was extremely happy today being able to watch his daughter become a huge star in the industry.

ESPN’s 30 for 30 special on Ric Flair was brought up during the interview and was asked what was his initial reaction to the documentary?

“First of all, I was mad at a lot of people,” Flair said. “When you sign up for this you realize that you are opening your life to scrutiny.”

Flair talked about how he was upset with certain people at first, but then realized he had no reason to be upset at them since they were saying the truth.

“I was upset with family members, I was upset with Jim Ross and Shawn Michaels. I’ve since apologized to all of them because they were telling the truth.”

Flair was asked about his daughter, and how he feels watching his daughter perform.

“Well, it makes me want to cry because nobody knows how hard she’s had to work. Carrying my last name, there’s a lot of good that goes with that and there’s a lot of hardship. You think you walk in the door and your Charlotte Flair and yes the door is open but then it’s twice as hard to live up to that mantle.”

You can watch Ric Flair’s interview with ESPN on SportsCenter below.