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Possible Reason Why CM Punk Did Run In At Indie Wrestling Event

MKE Wrestling Founder & ROH Star Silas Young recently appeared on an episode of Busted Open Radio and talked about several topics related to Pro Wrestling & CM Punk. During the interview, Young discussed MKE Wrestling’s event this past Friday night from The Knights Of Columbus Building in West Allis, Wisconsin, which featured a masked wrestler doing a run in to help Ace Steele defeat Daryck St Holmes.

Sources confirmed that the masked wrestler was in fact CM Punk. Punk & Dave Prazak, who was involved with the show, were both trained by Steele and Prazak managed Punk early in his career.

Young discussed Punk’s appearance during the interview. While he wouldn’t 100% state that the masked wrestler was in fact CM Punk, he discussed why Punk might have made the appearance. He noted that Punk wrestled in the building, which is being torn down early next month, early in his career.

Young said, “That’s the building where [Punk] kinda got his start at,” “Shortly before that match happened, my wife came up to me because she was one of the managers in the match. She was like, ‘I heard Punk’s going to do a run in.”

He continued with, “It made sense with the match being with Ace Steele and having Dave Prazak involved, those guys are longtime friends and they broke in the business [together]. Punk had maybe his first match in that building. That building has had wrestling for years, a lot of guys got their start there. Unfortunately it’s going to be torn down early next month so we were the last event there. I think it’s just one of those things where he wanted to pay a little respect or a little homage to it.”

As previously reported, Punk was never backstage at the show. He just waited in his car outside of the venue before doing the run in and then left immediately afterwards.

Young said, “[Punk] was never at the building beforehand, he wasn’t at the building after.” “He came, did the run-in in a mask and then left in a mask. I can’t even 100% say it was CM Punk, but from what I was told [it was], and I don’t know why anyone would lie to me.

He continued with, “That’s what I was told and I’d like to believe it, if for nothing more than the publicity it got MKE Wrestling.”

You can check out Silas Young’s full interview below: