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Possible New Roles For Road Dogg, More On WWE Creative Situation

It was previously reported that WWE Hall Of Famer “Road Dogg” BG James recently stepped down as The Co-Lead Writer of The SmackDown LIVE brand and that he informed officials this past Wednesday as WrestleMania 35 week was coming to an end that he was stepping down. Word backstage was that James had become increasingly frustrated with the changes that have been made to blue brand TV scripts by Vince McMahon and that he finally reached his “breaking point” at Tuesday’s SmackDown LIVE.

It was also reported that James could be transitioning into another role in The WWE. There was no indication or speculation on the role that James could possibly be transitioning to, but the report also stated that the way WWE creative is set up these days is that the lead writer is more of a formality as opposed to a specific voice that drives the show. Everything pitched for SmackDown LIVE comes through the writing team to Vince and is then approved with Vince tweaking the script up until it’s time to go live.

Pro Wrestling Sheet recently provided an update indicating that “Road Dogg” BG James is not leaving the company. The word backstage is that James could possibly fill the behind-the-scenes role once held by WWE Hall Of Famer Arn Anderson at live events. There was also talk of James possibly working as a commentator.

Regarding the situation with James, it was described as a mutual decision to change his position in the company with SmackDown LIVE moving to Friday nights to The FOX Network in October and it doesn’t necessarily mean that James will be stepping down. WWE Officials reportedly want to keep James’ position flexible at this time and use him as a “utility player” so they can see where he would fit best moving forward. However, sources made it clear that this was not a contentious decision and that both sides thought it was best.

James had been working on The SmackDown LIVE Creative Team since 2016. He was quickly promoted to become Co-Lead Writer with Ryan Ward.