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News On Rumors Of Dolph Ziggler Leaving WWE

After turning down an offer to become a WWE Producer, there is speculation that Dolph Ziggler may be moving on from The WWE, according to PWInsider.

Ziggler has completely removed The “Dolph Ziggler” Name from his social media accounts and he is scheduled for an upcoming comedy tour. Some sources claim to PWInsider that he remains under WWE contract. While some have denied that he is leaving the company, others are suggesting that he will be done on January 31st.

Ziggler has expressed frustration over the years with his position in the company. During an appearance on Edge & Christian’s Podcast in late December, Ziggler discussed his role with being “the gatekeeper” and helping get NXT Talent over, as seen below:

“My job of making somebody that should be ready for a world title picture becomes harder and it’s not as much of a shove and if you see the last six months, a year of TV, basically, I’m a gatekeeper to the guys from NXT coming up that they have high expectations for, but if I lose for eight consecutive months before they show up, they are no longer getting that pat on the back to go up a notch, so I almost feel like it’s taking back from my role,” Ziggler said. “So I don’t know what the change would be, either be to switch things up, disappear here and there, or, I’ve said this to the boss on several occasions, I go, ‘I’ve made a career out of almost never winning, which is awesome,’ but I go, ‘at some point, I have to be seen as someone who can win, not just by pulling a needle out of a haystack or a lottery ball saying tonight is finally going to be the night because then it loses all of that luster.’

“Wins and losses don’t matter unless you’re the guy who loses every single night. And, if you’re that guy, then maybe you should be in the dark match, not fighting to see who becomes world champion each night. And even if you do pull that rabbit out of the hat, people know it’s not long term.”

Ziggler hasn’t appeared on WWE television since late last month when he lost to Drew McIntyre in a Steel Cage Match on RAW and he has reportedly not been on the road with WWE in recent weeks. We will keep you updated on any further details that emerge regarding Ziggler’s WWE status.

As previously reported, The Revival, Maria & Mike Kanellis have all recently requested their releases from the company as well. As of this writing, none of the releases have been granted.

Source: PWInsider