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Monday Night Raw (Aug. 8th): Top 10 Hits & Misses

10. Hit – Last Man Standing

Braun Strowman and the Big Dog Roman Reigns can have cartoonishly dangerous matches forever. We either get to see Strowman throw Roman like a dart into things, or Roman try to murder Strowman by crushing him in ambulances, or tonight when he threw that chair at Reigns. They Just don’t give a damn. I almost feel bad for them.

Without over exposing them, it made me look forward to the fatal 4-way even more. This match, in addition to Samoa Joe’s sneak attack at the end and Lesnars dominant showing at the top of the show has definitely put over how big this match is gonna be. It’s no doubt the ring will blow up and there will be nothing left but a crater in the ground.