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Lucha Underground S3E18 Review – Evil Rising

It’s Wednesday night and somewhere in Boyle Heights in a undisclosed location a War is being fought. Ancient Aztec Tribes and Mortal Humans meet to battle it out in a squared circle to settle their differences. Some survive to fight another day and others are not so lucky. Sometimes those who die in The Temple are consumed by Dark Powers and rise from their grave to hunt those responsible for their death. With that said, this brings me to first vignette on this weeks episode of Lucha Underground.

The show begins with Mil Muertes and Catrina in a pitch black room surrounded by lit candles. I wonder if they were Disco Inferno Candles? Anyways, Mil Muertes is pissed off that Prince Puma not only interfered in his match last week against Jeremiah Crane, but he is alive even after he personally buried him in a grave consequences match! Catrina gives Mil some insight of Vampiro toying with Dark Magic then she plants the seed in his mind. She let’s Mil know that the path to Prince Puma begins with Vampiro. Catrina teleport’s back to The Temple where she is confronted by Jeremiah Crane. Jeremiah rather excited about his fluke victory over Catrina’s new love interest begins to harass Catrina. Catrina not amused by Jeremiah’s antics makes it clear that Mil Muertes is not the one that she loves. Jeremiah is left with a broken heart and in total confusion. Love and Lucha sounds like the perfect combination, but who can this third individual be?

Once again Metalachi blesses The Temple’s Believers with another set of Heavy Metal infused Mariachi tunes! Vampiro and Matt Striker are at the commentators table giving a quick introduction into tonight’s show as Melissa Santos waits in the ring to introduce the competitors for tonight’s first match. Sexy Star vs. Mariposa has become one of Lucha Underground’s most classic rivalries in it’s third season run. Mariposa slamming Sexy Star nine times into that commentators table was one of tonight’s Holy Shit moments and The Believers made it clear to all who watched. Mariposa is ruthless and shows no love for Sexy Star in this match at all. Sexy Star introduces the Lucha Libre factor into this match as she punishes Mariposa with heavy move sets and powerful strikes. Mariposa shows us that she’s no stranger to the wrestling game as she applies a leg submission on Sexy Star and goes high risk when she dives off the the top rope, but fails to hit Sexy Star with the Back Flip Dive. Sexy Star Star manages to get Mariposa into the corner but Mariposa reverses her attempt at a Monkey Flip and now the fight goes high altitude as they struggle to get the upper hand. Sexy Star strikes down Mariposa and proceeds to jump off the top turnbuckle to deliver a devastating Double Stomp onto Mariposa’s stomach which gives Sexy Star another Victory over her rival Mariposa. Mariposa left holding on to her battered body is joined by none other than her psychotic creepy brother Marty The Moth. Marty wastes no time and gives his immediate attention to his sister and as she get’s up he gives her one hell of a Chokeslam. This was Holy Shit Moment number two that left The Believers in a complete up-roar of confused emotions. Marty The Moth strikes again and this time his sister feels the torment of his psychotic reaction.

Meanwhile back in the training room Mascarita Sagrada is hitting the weights and is confronted by The Rabbit Tribe who are on a spiritual quest and seeking the one they followed out of the rabbit hole. They have mistaken Mascarita Sagrada to be there spiritual Guru and are convinced that he is the White Rabbit. Mascarita wants nothing to do with The Rabbit Tribe as they proceed to kneel before him and call him there leader. Mascarita is convinced that the members of The Rabbit Tribe are completely bonkers and walks away leaving the members of The Rabbit Tribe in a complete Daze.

It’s now Snakes vs. Rabbit’s time as the second match of the night is introduced by the beautiful Melissa Santos. The team of Saltador, Mala Suerte, and Paul London (The Rabbit Tribe) are in for a serious fight as they are set to face Vibora, Pindar, and Kobra Moon of The Reptile Tribe. Kobra Moon has Drago on a chain and struts to the ring walking him like a captured dragon. She orders Drago to take her place in the match, Drago with not much of a choice does her bidding and is now Vibora and Pindar’s partner. Both of these tribes are both fairly new to The Temple and we have yet to see what they are capable of doing as a unit, until now. The Rabbit Tribe’s abstract and unorthodox style brings the meaning of entertainment to the table. I thought the match was entertaining and delivered a good amount of wrestling moments. My favorite part of the match was tonight’s third Holy Shit Moment that made The Believers pop like a buttery bag of popcorn. Mala Suerte‘s top rope coast to coast was insane! It gave a good laugh for the moment but it did not last long before The Reptile Tribe gained momentum and turned the tables around. Pindar hits Saltador with a vicious forearm that made his head bounce of the apron like a rubber ball. This led to Pindar and Vibora taking care of Mala Suerte with an explosive modified Burning Hammer Power Bomb. Paul London quick with the kicks hits Pindar with a vicious super kick that connects right on target. He continues to aim at The Luchasauras, Vibora and attempts to chop him down with a mid rope Cross Body but Vibora is much too strong and catches Paul London in mid air and sets him up for the Tombstone Piledriver. Vibora spikes him straight on his skull and it looks like they have this victory in the bag. Kobra Moon commands Drago to terminate Saltador. Drago follows his orders and hits Saltador with a tremendous running front flip DDT that looked like it could have done some serious damage. Drago goes for the cover and gets the one, two, and three for the W. As The Rabbit Tribe make there way out of the ring, Kobra Moon enters the ring to puts on Drago’s chains. As we know the Trios Champs have been looking for their friend Drago. Fenix and Aerostar make there appearance to save their friend and run The Reptile Tribe out of the ring. Drago is reunited with his fellow teammates, but Drago has been in Kobra Moon’s evil clutch’s far to long and does not seem to be himself around his fellow Trios Champion Partners.

As the show cuts into its third vignette we get to see Sexy Star and The Mack chop it up before his championship match tonight, against Johnny Mundo. Sexy Star let’s The Mack know that if he needs her help she is there to give it. The Mack appreciates his homegirl’s generosity but he wants to prove to all The Believers in The Temple and all the haters that he can beat Johnny Mundo all by himself. Sexy Star respects The Mack’s decision and understands where he is coming from. After this The Mack get’s a visit from Dario Cueto. Dario Cueto brings to his attention that tonight’s match will not be for the Lucha Underground Championship, but for a shot to win an opportunity on deciding the stipulation for next weeks Championship match. The Mack as cool as ice asks Dario Cueto if he’s a betting man, and Dario responds by saying”Occasionally”. The Mack looks at Dario Cueto and gives him some serious advice. He tells him, “Always bet on Mack!” and walks away.

Now the Main Event of the night is here! And Johnny Mundo makes his way to the ring. The Believers feed Johnny Mundo’s ego with a decent amount of John-ny Mun-do chants. The Champ looks confident and ready to face his opponent. The Mack has nothing to loose in this match and makes his way to the ring looking fearless and ready to do combat. The bell rings and the battle begins. The Mack and Mundo exchange hits on each other and as the match progresses, Mundo plays dirty as usual and goes for a low blow on The Mack, but he stops it right in time. Mundo gives Mack a quick poke in the eyes making it easy for Mundo to get some offense in on The Mack. Mundo showing no respect for The Mack pokes his eyes once again and flips him off laughing at him. Mundo is trying to get into The Mack’s head by playing his dirty little games. Mundo’s mind games backfire on him as it fuels The Mack as he captures Mundo in a vicious Exploder Suplex onto the outside mats. Mundo continues with his Rudo tricks and crawls under the ring to leave Mack guessing where he is. Mundo lures Mack right where he wants him and as he begs for Mack to show him some mercy. Mundo grabs The Mack and slams him right into the steel fence. Johnny Mundo’s dirty little plan is effective and leaves The Mack holding onto his ribs. Mundo’s rolls Mack into the ring covers Mack but only get’s a two count. Johnny is on fire and is taking The Mack to Slam-Town! The Mack goes for a pin of his own as he caught Mundo slipping and scooped him into a roll up pin. Senior Official Marty Elias hits the mat for a two count. The Mack get’s his momentum flowing and lays in on Mundo with the heavy offense. Mack hits Mundo with an explosive pop up forearm that leaves Mundo laying on the mat like a broken man. Mack goes for the pin but Mundo sneaks his leg on the rope. Mundo is getting a true South Central beat down but refuses to let The Mack get this victory. Mack has Mundo up against the ropes. As he goes to set up Mundo for the Stunner Johnny Mundo reverses it sending The Mack crashing into Senior Official Marty Elias. With Marty Elias down Mundo sets up for a Springboard Spin Kick but gets caught by The Mack in mid-air. Mack then proceeds to drop Mundo with a tremendous Sit Out Powerbomb Pin but Marty Elias is still temporarily incapacitated in the corner. By the time that Marty is aware of his surroundings Johnny Mundo gains the strength to kick out of the pin. Unfortunately for The Mack, The Worldwide Underground arrive and set in motion a series of distractions that occupy Senior official Marty Elias giving Johnny Mundo a chance to hit The Mack with a Low Blow that cost him the match. The Worldwide Underground continue the abuse on The Mack as Johnny Mundo talks trash. Johnny then tells The Mack that next week he will be taking his fat ass to Slam-Town! in a All Night Long Match! As The Worldwide Underground celebrate in the ring, Mil Muertes accompanied by Catrina shows up and makes his way down to the ring. Johnny Mundo Grabs his Title and bails out with The Worldwide Underground. Mil Muertes takes his attention off Mundo and looks toward the commentators table and rushes into Vampiro like a train of it’s tracks. Mil Muertes continues to beat the shit out of Vampiro in the ring, until Prince Puma comes out to defend his Master. As Mil Muertes sets Vampiro up for the Flatliner, Prince Puma makes his way into the ring but Vampiro tells Prince Puma “NO!” Prince Puma backs down and Mil Muertes Drops Vampiro on his head as Prince Puma watches. Mil Muertes and Catrina make their way out of the ring and Prince Puma tends to his Master as he lays damaged in the center of the ring.

As another episode comes to an end, we are now one episode away from the Mid-Season Finale. The darkness is beginning to consume all who are in The Temple. The Believers eyes are filled with a hunger that is only satisfied by blood and violence. The bodies are on the floor and only the strongest warriors will survive. A Master is attacked and beaten while his student watches from a distance. Jeremiah’s fascination with Catrina unfolds into a circle of confusion. Sexy Star gets her revenge on Mariposa, and even though we bet on The Mack, the numbers of The Worldwide Underground prove to be the most dominate. The wait begins as we transcend from the Lucha Underground Realm and are brought back to our plane. What will next week’s journey into The Lucha Underground Realm for tale? As The Believers across the world await for next Wednesday, The Temple will remain standing strong as The Tribes and Warriors draw there strength from its mystical powers, and prepare to rage in war once again… Until next week Believers.

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