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Lucha Underground S3E16 Review – The Battle Of The Bulls (Video)

The El Rey Network has given us another marvelous night of great wrestling and innovative story telling in this weeks episode of Lucha Underground. The Gods have spoken and they have summoned The Mack, PJ Black, Cage, and Jeremiah Crane into the ring, for the final match of The Battle Of The Bulls Tournament. Winner of this match goes on to have a Title shot at the winner of tonight’s Steel Cage Match between Sexy Star and Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo.

The Temple is roaring, The Believers are out of their seats, and Vampiro and Matt Striker are giving their introduction into tonight’s matches. Inside the ring Melissa Santos begins to introduce the competitors for the final match in The Battle Of The Bulls Tournament. The Mack, PJ Black, Cage, and Jeremiah Crane put on a spectacular Fatal Four Way Elimination match that blew the roof off The Temple. Cage comes out blazing hot delivering tremendous physical damage to his opponents. Pj Black and Jeremiah Crane where able to stop The Machine momentarily with an array of vicious kicks and boots to the face! All four of these guys put there bodies on the line showcasing back to back dives and brutal move sets. Cage’s power is that of a mutant that you would see in a comic book, slamming bodies on to bodies, and even catching PJ Black in mid air and reversing his cross body into a PowersSlam while Sitting on The Mack’s shoulders!

Unfortunately Cage’s shot at the title was ripped away from his hands by none other than his Rival, Texano. Texano interferes in this match hitting Cage across the face with a brutal right hook leaving Cage vulnerable to the other three men in this tournament. To no surprise Jeremiah Crane, The Mack, and PJ Black take this opportunity to take out The Machine and eliminate him from the tournament. Jeremiah Crane is not to be F’d with! His high energy strong style that he brings into this match turns the intensity level way up. No one is safe from this man, he truly has no fear and will put his body on the line to see his enemies fail. Jeremiah made his presence felt to all who stood against him in that ring. But The Mack’s fighter spirit is with him tonight and will not fall victim to The Death Machine who is Jeremiah Crane! PJ Black receiving a brutal Crane Driller rolls out of the ring leaving The Mack and Jeremiah the only two men in the ring. The Mack gives Jeremiah a juicy slap to the face sending Jeremiah shooting over to the corner. The Mack attempts to finish Jeremiah of the top turnbuckle but Jeremiah refuses to make this easy for The Mack. Fighting back and loosely throwing punches at The Mack’s torso Jeremiah goes for a right hook for Mack’s face but is reversed into an explosive Stunner of the second rope. It leaves Jeremiah petrified on the mat and Mack goes for the pin and gets the one,two, and three. Jeremiah Crane is the second competitor to be eliminated from the final match of  The Battle Of The Bulls Tournament. Only two men left and only one will be granted a title shot. PJ Black and The Mack are the last to survive and will have to give it all that they have got to win The Battle Of The Bulls Tournament. PJ Black and The Mack exchange a couple of nasty chops but PJ Black gets the upper hand and hits Mack with a combination of kicks bringing Mack to the floor. Pj Black goes in for the quick pin, but The Mack kicks out. PJ Black’s arrogant behavior taunts The Mack by applying a modified Stunner of his own. Pj Black, confident that he’s finished off The Mack, does not look back to see that The Mack is still up and hits PJ with a Stunner of his own. This sends PJ Black  popping up like a rag doll, Mack covers PJ Black to get the victory and become winner of The Battle Of The Bulls Tournament.

As we all seen on last week’s episode of Lucha Underground, Drago was captured by Kobra Moon of The Reptile Tribe. This brings me to the vignette that was presented to us after The Battle Of The Bulls Match. Aerostar and Fenix are looking around The Temple for the whereabouts of there super companion Drago, who was last seen being dragged away by Vibora and Pindar. After kicking in some bathroom doors, Aerostar and Fenix are interrupted by Kobra Moon. She makes it clear to Aerostar and Fenix that Drago has returned to her tribe and has broken the vow that he made a millennia ago. Kobra Moon brought some back up with her and is ready to destroy her enemies. Vibora and Pindar attack Aerostar and Fenix  in a very action packed scene that brings that movie element into play. This is what separates Lucha Underground from the rest, they create this fictional realm that has no limits to it’s creativity. Which gives us an awesome wrestling show that has it all, Sci-fi,Wrestling, Horror, Babes, Time Travel, Comedy, and the list just goes on and on. This is how it’s done, and Lucha Underground is revolutionizing the wrestling business with it’s take on a show about a wrestling promotion in Boyle Heights.

After the commercial break we see back to back vignette’s. Sexy Star and The Mack are talking after his victory. The Mack and Sexy Star are good friends and have each other’s back in The Temple. Sexy Star is proud of her friend The Mack who has won his title shot at the Lucha Underground Champion and is glad that he has proven all the doubters wrong. The Mack gives Sexy Star words of encouragement for her match against Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo. The Mack also tells Sexy Star not to be mad when he takes her title away from her when he cashes in his opportunity at the title. Back in Dario’s Office Jeremiah Crane is asking Dario Cueto for a match against Mil Muertes. El Jefe hesitant to give him his match, gives it to him anyways. Jeremiah pulls up a chair and retrieves what looks to be a ancient Quija board that was stashed above one of the panels of Dario Cueto’s ceiling. Jeremiah tells Dario that he left that there when he was a kid. As Jeremiah walks down the hallway, Catrina appears out of the shadows and rubs it in Jeremiah’s face that he just lost an opportunity at the Championship Belt. Jeremiah lets Catrina know that he is coming for Mil Muertes head and will be taking her back after he defeats him. This is a story line that I can not wait to see unravel. Jeremiah and Catrina where once a thing and he is hell bent that she has a new love interest.

The show must go on and the main event for the night is a Steel Cage match! Sexy Star and Johnny Mundo look to settle their rivalry locked inside of a Steel Cage. Johnny Mundo shows no respect for Sexy Star by spitting his gum in Sexy’s face. Sexy Star is in for one hell of a night. Johnny Mundo shows no mercy to his rival Sexy Star and proceeds to take her to SLAMTOWN! The Believers showing support for Sexy Star are Chanting “Si Se Puede!” but The Believers chants don’t seem to have any effect on Johnny’s determination to beat Sexy Star. Sexy Star looks great in this match, I thought that she really looked strong and delivered her moves pretty well. Johnny Mundo as well, he never fails to let the crowd know that he could careless of what they think of him. These two worked this level of match beautifully and the final product was a work of art. There where times in the match where I thought Sexy Star was going to become two time champion, for example when she dove of the top of the cage with a cross body onto Johnny Mundo. First of all, I thought that she was just going to jump out of the cage to win the match, so when I seen the dive i was like “Holy-Shit!”. I really enjoyed watching this match and was very satisfied with the ending. Johnny Mundo Proves to be the baddest Rudo in The Temple and showed us that he will do anything to remain Lucha Underground champ. Johnny Mundo is victorious and wins the match by taking off Sexy Star’s mask as they where caught up on top of the cage. With no involvement of The Worldwide Underground Johnny Mundo defeated Sexy Star all by himself. The Believers are in full on rage mode and can not believe the events that has just occurred. Johnny Mundo walks proudly up The Temple’s concrete staircase to raise his title and is met by the number one contender The Mack! The Mack hits Johnny Mundo with a Stunner that is sure to get him some heat on next weeks episode.

The show ends with one final vignette involving Kobra Moon and Drago. Back in Kobra Moons lair Drago is chained up to the wall. Kobra Moon asks Drago if he is ready to call her his Queen. Drago will not bow down to her and and tell’s her that he will never call her his Queen. Apparently Drago is not eating well as Kobra Moon tell’s him that he must be starving by now. Drago tells her that he would rather die of starvation, but Kobra Moon knows that a dragon must feed and walks away. Drago breathes out a fireball into the air and the vignette fades to black.

So as another episode comes to an end we are left with a huge look into the story between Kobra Moon and Drago. What will Fenix and Aerostar do to help out their friend, and can they defeat The Reptile Tribe? What measures will The Mack take to make sure that The Worldwide Underground does not spoil his shot at the Lucha Underground Title. Next week we get to see Jeremiah Crane and Mil Muertes go one on one. That match is already booked and I for one can not wait for it to be next Wednesday. Until next time Believers stay tuned and Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!