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Lucha Underground S3 Ep 14 Review – The Bulls of Boyle Heights (Video)

The Lucha Underground Temple is no place to have enemies, especially if your name is Johnny Mundo. Angelico returns to Boyle Heights and he is going after Lucha Underground Champ Johnny Mundo, but Dario Cueto has something else in mind. The Battle of The Bulls! A tournament that awards the winner with a Title shot at Johnny Mundo’s Lucha Underground Championship. It is won by winning one of four four-way matches, and each winner is entered into a fatal four way elimination match to determine the number one contender for the Lucha Underground Championship.

The first round includes Cage, Dr. Wagner Jr, Texano, and The “King of Dong Style” Joey Ryan. The action begins with a vicious Tornado Clothesline delivered to Famous-B after he rudely interrupted Melissa Santos, while introducing his client Dr. Wagner Jr. In this match we see Texano and Cage continue their rivalry going back to back on each other with strikes and grapples. Cage showed a tremendous display of strength, agility, and athleticism through out this match. It was amazing to watch him do a moonsault off of the top turnbuckle onto the other three competitors bringing them to the ground. Cage showed us what those muscles can do when he took an opportunity to set up his competition into a Tower of Doom Suplex. The Believes come alive and begin with a “Holy-Shit!” chant that is bouncing of The Temple‘s steel beams. Famous-B and Dr. Wagner Jr. get a taste of Cage’s explosive strength, after Famous-B tries to interfere in the match. Cage catches Dr Wagner Jr. and sets him up for a Samoan Drop then proceeds to catch Famous-B and throw them both over his head. Cage was amazing in this match and shined through the other great competitors and is victorious in this first round of The Battle of The Bulls Tournament.

Back in Dario Cueto’s office Sexy Star demands a rematch against Johnny Mundo. Dario Cueto gives her one of his unique opportunities. He tells Sexy Star that if she can beat PJ Black tonight, she will have a Lucha Underground Championship rematch in a Steel Cage versus Johnny Mundo. Sexy star leaves victorious in this match despite the attempt that Jack Evans made trying to sabotage her chance at a rematch. Sexy Star continues to impress The Believers after taking a wicked Styles Clash and kicks out. Her fighter spirit is one that’s very believable and works great as a tool to get the crowd emotionally involved.

One thing that we have been seeing a lot of these last two episodes of Lucha Underground are the very informative and awesome vignettes that are unraveling the story lines with the characters on the show. This week we got more from Dario Cueto and his brother Matanza Cueto. Matanza is not letting go of this obsession that he has with Rey Mysterio and is ready to do whatever it takes to get his man. Even if it means smashing his brothers face against the bars on his cell. But the vignette that had the social media buzz going through the roof, was the Kobra Moon vignette of her sitting down on a throne with her tribes emblem resting above her. In the vignette she speaks of her tribe and the history that ties Drago into her story. But she is not alone! She has two members of her tribe Pindar and Vibora. She gives them orders to bring back the man who betrayed her army, the man who was once a dragon, this man goes by the name of Drago!

Round two of The Batttle of The Bulls Tournament begins with the competitors Marty “The Moth” Martinez, Dragon Azteca, The Mack, and Mil Muertes. They immediately begin to gang up on the biggest threat in that ring, Mil Muertes. But Mil Muertes looks unstoppable delivering a recite to every punch that they gave him. Mil Muertes stands in the middle of the ring as the others hold there limbs on one knee. He taunts the crowd almost as if channeling into their energy. The Moth brings a very entertaining and insanely comedic presence to the ring. He takes some of the hardest bumps always leaving me holding my neck.  The Mack is very fun to watch him do his thing. His ability to move as fast as he does makes it amazing to watch. Mil Muertes showed us his brute strength and power when he gave Marty “The Moth” Martinez a suicide Trident Spear through the ropes. Dragon Azteca almost had Mil Muertes for the pin but The Monster Matanza intrudes. He sends Rey Misterio a message when he attacks Dragon Azteca and puts him in the Wrath of The Gods. If it weren’t for Dario Cueto showing up to take his brother Matanza back to his cell who knows what would have been of Dragon Azteca. Dario Cueto bleeding from his head summons Matanza out of the ring with the special key that hangs around his neck. While everyone is distracted by the presence of Matanza, Marty The Moth attempts to cover Dragon Azteca, but is stopped by The Mack with a boot to the face. It is down to the final two, Mack versus The Moth. This does not go well for The Moth as The Mack spiked him with a running Stunner that laid him down for the three count. The Mack walks away as the victor of the match. All of these guys really put on a very intense action packed match. The flow of this match delivered and at times kept me on my feet screaming at the TV.

So many great moments to take from this episode. My favorite being the Matanza and Rey Misterio story line. I can not wait to see what Rey Misterio does to take vengeance for what Matanza did to Dragon Azteca. This will be a solid rivalry, in the sense of a classic good versus evil scenario. The Kobra Moon vignette was a very unique way of giving us a look into the realm of Kobra moon’s tribe and explaining some of the history between her and Drago. We have some great things to come in the upcoming weeks of Lucha Underground. Stay tuned and watch every Wednesday on El Rey Network or download the episodes on iTunes.