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Lucha Underground S3.Ep.13 Review (Video)

It is a dark time in The Temple. Dario Cueto and his brother Matanza no longer hold the Lucha Underground Championship. Prince Puma has not been seen since his Grave Consequences match against Mil Muertes. Vampiro has not forgotten the brutal beating that Pentagon Dark gave him at Ultima Lucha Dos. And out of the shadows, The Black Lotus Triad has arrived to face Pentagon Dark in a Gauntlet Match.

The Believers are on their feet showing support for their Favorite Rudo, chanting Cero Miedo! You can feel the energy emulating from your television screen. So many obstacles for Pentagon to defeat, will Pentagon get through the night?, or fall victim to The Black Lotus Triad once again. Melissa Santos introduces Doku, the first member of The Black Lotus Triad to face Pentagon Dark. Remembering back to Aztec Warfare and the beating that they put on Pentagon Dark as a unit. We know that Pentagon is in for a rough ride tonight! Doku makes her way to the ring looking confident and calm. She shows zero fear going up against The Master of The Dark Arts and taunts him to come at her. Pentagon holds nothing back in this match, attacking Doku with several kicks and landing a dropkick that sends Doku flying across the ring. The display of violence in this first of four matches is brutal. Pentagon continues the abuse outside the ring bringing the violence closer to The Believers who are experiencing this epic moment in Lucha Underground! Doku was impressive and innovative in the ring. She showed no fear and raised the bar in women’s wrestling. She did her best at trying to stop Pentagon Dark but at the end, she ended up with a broken arm!

The show must go on, and Pentagon Dark awaits for Yurei, the second member of The Black Lotus Triad to make her way to the ring. Just as cool as can be, Yurei steps into the ring staring down Pentagon Dark with zero fear. They exchange a couple of arm drags before Yurei gets the upper hand and fly’s of the top turnbuckle with what looked to be a frog splash. The tables have turned as Yurei shows that she to can be as violent as anyone in The Temple. Her athleticism and warrior heart is shown as she continues to beat Pentagon Dark up against the steel railing and into the crowd. With a sadistic smile on her face she excepts the multiple kicks that Pentagon gives her. I just loved watching Yurei work in the ring against Pentagon Dark. It showed another level of women’s wrestling that is in my opinion revolutionary. It can be done people, women vs. men wrestling is something that was done very beautifully through out this Gauntlet match. Yurei made The Believers in The temple switch for a moment and Believe that she was capable of defeating Pentagon Dark. As she continued to dish out all the top turnbuckle moves and gaining confidence she goes for one more from the second rope, but  is caught by Pentagon and reversed into a packaged pile driver. Pentagon channels into The Believers as they demand that he breaks her arm, unfortunately Pentagon Dark shows no mercy and gives The Believers what they want. Down goes another member of The Black Lotus Triad, but I will say that this was not an easy one for Mr. Cero Miedo. Yurei’s offense against Pentagon Dark has definitely drained him of some energy making it easier for the next two members who are to face Pentagon Dark.

The level of intensity is about to blow off the roof! When Hitokiri the third member of The Black Lotus Triad creeps into the ring and climbs the top turnbuckle, hitting Pentagon by surprise with a dropkick straight to his chest. Hitokiri is no stranger to the amount of torture that Pentagon  can present to anyone that opposes him. She wastes no time or momentum and attacks The Dark Dragon, going straight for the head. Hitokiri’s offense is amazing and done with ease. The level of athleticism and natural talent is shown as Hitokiri fly’s of the top turnbuckle once again, to hit Pentagon Dark with a beautiful aerial attack followed by a diving forearm. It’s when Hitokiri removes the floor mat to expose the concrete and body slams Pentagon Dark, when I begin to hear a Lotus Triad chant from The Believers. Pentagon Dark is not feeling this chant and digs deep for a wicked comeback that begins with a swift kick to Hitokiri’s face. The next couple of kicks and chops that Pentagon delivers are brutal! But its when Pentagon takes the fight outside of the ring that it starts to get very dark and violent. Pentagon tosses Hitokiri into the low level seating like a rag doll, sending her flying into the hardwood chairs. And continues the torture by choking her with the camera mans cables. Senior Official Marty Elias cusses at Pentagon Dark to let her go, but Pentagon is not finished yet. Hitokiri takes a chair shot and gets tossed one more time into the hardwood chairs. The amount of physical  torture that Pentagon has done to Hitokiri should have kept her down and begging for him to stop. But she refused to let this Dark Demon squash her warrior spirit, today is not the day for giving up. Hitokiri will not go down by the hands of Pentagon Dark and trips Pentagon into a chair hitting head first. This gives her the opportunity  to rush up to the roof of Dario Cueto’s office to do something that will go down in the history of Lucha Underground. Hitokiri takes a risky dive from the top of Dario Cueto’s office and lands right on her target!  This was one of the craziest moments in Lucha Underground, this was unbelievable! After all the abuse she has taken, she has Pentagon Dark right where she wants him.

But Pentagon Dark is not ready to be taken down by Hitokiri, and sets her up for a package pile driver, but is reversed by Hitokiri into a standing Canadian Destroyer. Just like the one that laid him to rest at Aztec Warfare costing him the match. Hitokiri covers Pentagon Dark getting the three count for the win. But it’s not over yet. Black Lotus makes her way to the ring with Doku and Yurei to join Hitokiri in the ring. Pentagon lays defeated in the center of the ring surrounded by The Black Lotus Triad with no where to go. Black Lotus proceeds to give Pentagon a taste of his own medicine by breaking Pentagon’s arm and leaving him squirming in the ring. The Believers in disbelief witness the fall of Pentagon Dark to The Black Lotus Triad and are left speechless. The Gauntlet Match is finally over and The Black Lotus Triad have taken care of their unfinished business, but there is another animal in The Temple that lurks to have a piece of Pentagon Dark. Dragon Azteca joins The Black Lotus Triad in the ring and has some unfinished business of his own to settle with Pentagon. What happens next should not come as a surprise to anyone knowing the history that these two men have in The Temple. Dragon Azteca breaks Pentagon Dark’s other arm leaving him incapacitated holding on to both his arms. Brutal!

This episode will go down as one of my favorite of all time. The battle of The Black Lotus Triad and Pentagon Dark was truly a work of art. The amount of emotion and athleticism displayed in this Gauntlet Match was through the roof. Being there live and watching this was truly an epic experience. Doku, Yurei, Hitokiri, and Black Lotus made a huge mark in the history of wrestling with the beautiful delivery of this epic battle. Aside from the Gauntlet Match all the extra vignettes and story telling we got from this episode where colorful and dark. So many secrets revealed but at the same time we are left with questions. What does Vampiro want with Prince Puma? What is Jeremiah Crane hiding from Ivelisse? Will Matanza get his revenge on Rey Misterio? Only one way to find out is to stay tuned and watch Lucha Underground every Wednesday on The El Rey Network or download it on iTunes.