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Lucha Underground Recap 4/6/2016

We’re back for another week of exciting wrestling from the temple. We kick things of with a recap from last week’s events. We get at shot of Vampiro and here comes Dario Cueto. Dario taunts Vamp and says there’s a part of Vampiro that wants to beat him up and then go after his brother. Vampiro says its not only a part of him its ALL of him. Dario advises Vampiro not to make the same mistake Pentagon made because he needs him on commentary tonight for the main event.

We then get a shot of the captain talking to Joey Ryan and Cortez , Ryan says he introduced himself to Dario and he was put in the trios tournament and his partners will be Mr Cisco and Cortez.

Match #1 Ivelisse vs Kobra Moon

Kobra gets a hammer lock on Ivelisse to start things off then she counters and puts Kobra into an armbar. They wrestle with each other and it goes back and forth. Irish whip into the corner by Ivelisse she then goes for a back elbow and it connects. She tries again but Kobra reverses and puts her in a scissors head lock on the ropes. Kobra then locks her in a modified tarantula on the ropes but it’s broken up by the ref. They trade submission holds on each other until Ivelisse his a t-bone suplex. Kobra hits a backwards facebuster but can’t get the win. Then Ivelisse hits a sunset flip powerbomb and this one is over.

Winner: Ivelisse

Back from the break and we get a pretty cool vignette for Killshot explaining his origins and why he’s here. Good stuff.

We then cut to Mascarita Sagrada and he’s approached by Famous B who gives him his card and says he can make him famous. 423-GET-FAME! Haha entertaining stuff there.

Sexy Star is shown working out in the back and here comes The Mack. He tells her that Dario put him in a trios team with Marty Martinez and Mariposa. He asks Sexy to come down with him but she says no. He says that Moth and Mariposa will pay for what they did last week and leaves.

Match #2 : Cortez, Cisco , and Joey Ryan vs Marty “The Moth” Martinez , Mariposa, and The Mack

Mack and Joey start but then Joey refuses to fight and tags in Cisco. They shake hands to start and here we go. Awesome fast paced action by both men. Joey tags himself in after and Mack tags Mariposa. She slaps Joey and he just shoves her down. She quickly tags in Marty and here comes Cortez for his team. They go at it for a while then in comes Mariposa again. A lot of tags in this match. Mack wants to get tagged in but Marty and Mariposa just tag each other in. After a while Mack and Ryan manage to tag themselves in and Mack is going wild! He hits a Samoan drop, then a leg drop, then follows it with his standing moonsault. The crew break up the pin and they brawl with Marty and Mariposa on the outside. Mack goes for a dive but is blocked by Mariposa. He shoves her down and then hits the dive! Awesome Spot! Mack is about to finish off Ryan when Marty tags himself in. They argue and chop each other, Mack hits the stunner on Marty. This allows Cisco, and Cortez to hit their finisher on Marty, Ryan steals the cover and that’s all she wrote.

Winners : Cisco , Cortez, and Joey Ryan

After the match Marty and Mariposa attack Mack until Sexy Star makes the save. She beats up Mariposa and the heels retreat.

We get a clip of Rey Mysterio talking to Dragon Azteca Jr and he mentions they’re in the trios tournament as well and their partner…… PRINCE PUMA!

Its Main Event time folks!!

Lucha Underground Championship Match!

“The Monster” Matanza Cueto vs “The Man of 1,000 Lives” Fenix

Right off the bat Fenix rushes Matanza, he charges at him, but Matanza just shoves him away and proceeds to smash his head into the mat repeatedly. Ouch. Fenix gets back up and begins to build up some momentum but gets caught by a release German Suplex. Fenix gets up again and kicks Matanza but it didn’t affect him. He goes for a springboard back elbow but gets caught by yet another German Suplex. Matanza isn’t going down. They go to the outside and Fenix goes for a suicide dive but gets caught by Matanza who SLAMS him on the floor. He beats on him outside then throws him into the ring and hits the Wrath of the Gods and thankfully this one’s over.

Winner: Matanza Cueto

After the match Dario orders Matanza to continue the punishment on Fenix until we hear Catrina’s voice. She stands at the top of the stairs, which gives Mil Muertes the opportunity to enter the ring from behind Matanza. He surprises Matanza and shoves him to the outside. Matanza and Dario flee they want nothing to do with Mil Muertes.

That’s a wrap folks.

Phew what an action packed show today we’ll be back next week from the temple!


Recap written by Jairon Barrientos