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Lucha Underground AZTEC WARFARE 3 – Review

The Lucha Gods watched down while the Drums pounded like thunder. The Believers are crawling out of their skin with every AZTEC WARFARE chant. And apparently Johnny Mundo is making a documentary. What!? No matter how much you hate the guy, you can’t help but to enjoy the charisma of Johnny Mundo. This angle with Taya holding the camera while he puts Dario Cueto on blast was money! But unfortunately for Johnny, he got to know how Dario Cueto conducts business in his temple. Johnny originally to be number twelve is now number two. And will face Matanza Cueto one on one to begin Aztec Warfare.

So many great moments to take from this episode. One of my favorite moments was when Sami “Death Machine” Callihan finally made his official in ring debut as Jeremiah Crane! The amount of energy and level of strong style that he brought to the Temple is one not to be F’d with. He approached Matanza with no fear in his eyes and went at him like a vicious pitbull. Holy Shit! Jeremiah started a superkick party! With his guests Johnny Mundo and Son of Havoc! They left Matanza spinning out of the ring holding on to his head and falling to his knees. While his brother Dario looks down at him with disbelief. It was then when Jeremiah gave Mariposa the gift of CRANE DRILLER!!! That’s when I truly popped! What a devastating move!

They form like Voltron and Mundo happens to be the head! I got two words for you, Worldwide Underground! Their presence in Aztec Warfare was definitely felt by many of the entrants that competed. PJ Black enters at number six and immediately Kliq’s up with Mundo to hand out the beatings, starting with Jeremiah and Son of Havoc. I don’t know if they went “Bitch” as Vampiro said on commentary, when Mundo and PJ decided to take a little break and hide underneath the ring. In my eyes that is great strategy and intelligent thinking. Why waste energy on all the other competitors. Let them kill each other in the ring and come out when the smoke has cleared, or when your boy Jack Evans comes in at number eleven. Son of Havoc falls to the hands of the Worldwide Underground and they continue the abuse on Sexy Star. Welcome to the Worldwide Underground Show starring Jack Evans, PJ Black, and Johnny Mundo. Evans dive over the top rope was a tremendous display of his expertise in acrobatic aerial assaults. It would have been nice to see PJ Black do his suicide dive, but not in Rey Misterio’s Temple! The Mayor of Slamtown ends the Worldwide Underground show by taking Matanza and Marty The Moth to Slamtown with an amazing tornillo cross body bringing them down to the feet of the screaming Believers.

Pentagon Dark the people’s favorite Rudo, did not have such a great night. Black Lotus and three mysterious intruders dressed in all black made sure that Pentagon Dark felt their presence. Just as Pentagon went to break Ricky Mandel’s arm Black Lotus intervenes with three mysterious intruders attacking Pentagon and ending it with a vicious standing Canadian destroyer.  This was very cool to see, these dangerously cute ninja-esc women put the hurt on Mr. Cero Miedo. This led to Mundo covering Pentagon Dark for the one, two, and three. What will come of this storyline? Whatever happens I hope those three cute ninja chicks return to the temple to answer some questions.

It’s down to the final six and it’s Rey Misterio and Matanza in the Ring. Rey begins to strike Matanza but gets caught when he goes for his aerial offense. Mundo takes advantage of this opportunity and hits Matanza with a running knee strike, followed by Mil Muertes with the reapers trident, Sexy Star with a codebreaker, The Mack with a stunner, and back to Mundo with a springboard enziguri. Talk about getting jumped. Rey Misterio creeps into the ring and sets Matanza up for the 619 and succeeds at hitting it right on target.  Rey Misterio knows that this is not enough to bring down The Monster Matanza and sets him up for a second 619. But The Monster Matanza refuses to be made to look like a mortal man and catches Rey Misterio. Matanza has Rey Misterio in a tough predicament, but Rey Misterio has too much heart to be beaten by pure evil. Not today, not in his Temple. This is AZTEC WARFARE! Rey kicks his way out of Matanza’s grasp and reverses with a modified swinging powerbomb. Senior official Marty Elias hits the mat and begins the count, one, two, and three! Rey Misterio eliminates The Monster Matanza! The Believers lose control and immediately start a MISTERIO chant! Dario Cueto cannot believe what has just happened. Matanza is beyond upset at his elimination. Matanza wants blood and goes after Rey Misterio beating the “Shit” out of him as Vampiro expresses in his colorful commentary. Misterio gets thrown in the ring and gets put in the wrath of the gods by Matanza! Matanza loses his mind and pushes Dario Cueto on his ass. Meanwhile in the ring Johnny Mundo creeps to cover Rey Misterio for the three count!

The return of the Worldwide Underground is upon us. Aztec Warfare being a no DQ match summons Jack Evans and PJ Black to join Johnny Mundo in the ring to destroy Sexy Star. But to their surprise Angelico makes his grand return diving of Dario Cuetos office onto the three members of the Worlwide Underground, leaving Johnny Mundo hurting on his back. Angelico’s dive pops the crowd off their feet into frenzy of Holy Shit chants! Sexy Star sees the opening for a cover that will be to her advantage and pins Johnny Mundo for the three count. Shortly after The Mack falls to a Flatliner delivered by Mil Muertes, making Sexy Star and Mil Muertes the last two in Aztec Warfare!

The Believers are on their feet in support of Sexy Star. But Mil Muertes is not to be taken lightly. He delivers a couple of hard strikes, but it’s the vicious chokeslam that leaves Sexy Star rolling in the ring holding her neck.  Mil Muertes cold soul introduces tables and chairs into the match, leaving the crowd in a rant of boo’s! At this point it seems that Mil Muertes is destined to be the new Lucha Underground Champion. But you can’t count out the fighter spirit that Sexy Stars brings to the ring. Sexy is able to reverse Mil Muertes flatliner into DDT onto a chair and continues to hit Mil Muertes over the head with four equalizers!  But that is not enough to get the three count, Mil Muertes goes to spear Sexy Star into a table but Sexy moves and sends Mil Muertes flying into the table. Two crucial mistakes by Mil Muertes almost cost him the title, full of frustration Mil gives Sexy a Boxer type punch knocking Sexy out.  Mil introduces another table into the ring. It seems Sexy Star’s chance at the championship is coming to an end. The Believers continues to support Sexy Star, they believe that she can do this. Mil Muertes sets Sexy Star up for the finishing move, a top rope flatliner through a table. The Believers are not giving up on Sexy Star and continue to believe in her. Sexy Star channels into the Believes chants and rises to deliver devastating elbows to the side of Mil Muertes head. Mil Muertes dazed by the strikes is easily pushed of the second rope to fall through the table that was meant for Sexy Star! Sexy Star standing on top of the turnbuckle jumps hitting Mil Muertes with a double stomp to the chest. I Jump out of my seat and say “Oh my God!  This is not about to happen.” Sexy Star goes for the pin and gets the one, two, and three! Ladies and gentleman we have the very first Woman Lucha Underground Champion.

Aztec Warfare leaves us with a new champion and many open storylines. What will come of our new champion next week when Johnny Mundo hands over his Gift of the Gods Championship for an opportunity at the title? Is Rey Misterio ok after the punishment that Matanza Cueto gave him when he eliminated him from Aztec Warfare? What of Black Lotus and the mysterious ninja-esc women who attacked Pentagon Dark? Lots of great things happened in this episode. One of them being that Sexy Star is our new Lucha Underground Champion.

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