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Lucha Star Laredo Kid Gives Update After Surgery

Laredo Kid

Lucha libre star Laredo Kid has given us an update on his status after having surgery earlier this week due to rupturing his intestines during his match with Hijo del Vikingo while wrestling for Mexican promotion AAA.

Laredo took to his Instagram story, which reads (translated by Wrestling Inc):

“Laredo is stable, complying with the doctor’s orders. Today he is with more energy and his intestine begins to show signs of function. He is still delicate and under observation. They will wait for the next 2 days for more satisfactory progress and begin with the removal of probes.”

“Thank you for all your messages, I’ll try to respond as much as I can.”

Laredo Kid Surgery

Even with the injury Laredo Kid still defeated Hijo del Vikingo possibly setting up a future AAA Mega Championship match after he fully recovers.


On behalf of the Wrestling Examiner, we send our best wishes to Laredo Kid for a quick and full recovery.