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Kurt Angle’s 16 Year Old Niece Abducted By Ex-Boyfriend

WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle recently took to Facebook and shared an article on his 16 year old niece, Mariani Aquil, who has been abducted.

Angle wrote, “Please continue sharing. Thank you all for your support. Uncle Kurt Loves you Mini. Come back home to us safely. Please lets find my niece.”

Police in Penn Hills, PA believe that Aquil was abducted by her ex-boyfriend on Wednesday night. 19 year old Jermaine Laquay Rodgers allegedly broke into Aquil’s home, assaulted her and forced her into a red sedan.

This would be the second time he has abducted her in the last year as Rodgers was arrested last March for a January 2018 incident where he held Aquil against her will in an apartment for four days. Aquil alleged that Rodgers physically prevented her from communicating with family and friends and physically assaulted her during those four days. He had been out of jail on probation due to the previous incident.

Below is Angle’s post along with a local news video on the story: