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Konnan & Disco Inferno On Kenny Omega Not Getting Over In AEW

Kenny Omega - Wrestling Examiner

Former WCW wrestlers Konnan and Disco Inferno (Glenn Gilbertti) recently discussed AEW wrestler Kenny Omega during a recent edition of their Keepin It 100 podcast.

When a fan wrote in to the show asking them why Kenny Omega hasn’t gotten over in AEW, they responded they they felt Omega’s promo skills are not at the level as some of the other guys, and that AEW hasn’t done a good job of building an aura around him.

Check out the highlights or listen to the video clip below.

Konnan on Kenny Omega in American TV:

“While Omega got majorly over in Mexico and Japan, he has failed on American television because his promos aren’t on the level of other top guys. Also, he has not been pushed as a star, but just another guy who can work. There are 18 other guys who know how to work, Omega doesn’t stand out in any way.”

Disco Inferno on transitioning to weekly American TV for a Japan-based or indie wrestler:

“If you are an independent wrestler, or wrestling in Japan, it is night and day to transition to weekly American TV. As opposed to just having matches, you have to deliver on promos, sell facial expressions, and build up a lot of skills on a weekly basis.”

Disco Inferno on Kenny Omega’s promos skills:

“Omega doesn’t cut a good promo. This is why it has become difficult for him to elevate himself to the level of Jericho and Moxley because his mic skills are not close to those guys. Also, he doesn’t understand the psychology of what you have to do in the ring and mic on American TV.”

Konnan on Kenny Omega getting over with fans in Mexico:

“The fans in Mexico loved Kenny because we built an aura around him and they went nuts every time he stepped through the curtains. That has not happened in AEW.”

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