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Jim Ross Says The Rock Would Win If He Ran For President of the United States

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AEW commentator Jim Ross recently had an interview on The Roman Show where he discussed the possibility of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson running for President of the United States someday. Ross said that he believes that The Rock would win if he ever did run, he also said that he would never doubt The Rock.

Check out the highlights or listen to the full episode below.

Jim Ross on The Rock winning if he ran for President of the United States:

“First of all, he’d probably get elected. Secondly, I would not advise him to take such a drastic cut in pay to try to clean up a mess that professional politicians have made. These politicians today are so greedy and so selfish that they make the coronavirus become a political issue. This side of the aisle, that side of the aisle, it’s amazing to me that nobody pays attention to how much money that these congressmen and Senators are worth when they first come to Washington and how much they’re worth, on the same salary, when they leave Washington. Nobody has either the balls or the intellect to ask that question.”

Jim Ross on never doubting The Rock:

“I knew from the minute I met him, the minute we talked, the first lunch we had, he’s special. I believe in my heart, I felt, he could do anything. And he hasn’t proven me wrong yet. That’s how I look at that. He’d be successful at anything he does. People would like to have a breath of fresh air from what we’ve been accustomed to in the White House. I don’t think he will ever run for office, but who knows. If he decides he wants to at some point, for a brand new challenge, and to make global history again, in a major way, you never say never, but I’m a believer in Dwayne Johnson, and whatever Dwayne Johnson says he’s going to do, I am never going to doubt him.”

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