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Jim Cornette on Whether Bret Hart Looks at His Career With Regret, Doesn’t Think Hart is Bitter

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During the latest Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru episode, Cornette was asked if the Montreal Screwjob, Vince McMahon’s betrayal, Hart’s misuse by WCW, Owen Hart’s death, ending his career do to an injury he suffered after being kicked in the head by Goldberg, made Bret Hart bitter or if he sees his career as regretful?

Cornette responded by saying that he doesn’t believe Brett Hart is bitter. He also doesn’t feel that Hart is regretful about his career before his last year in WWE.

Check out the highlights or listen to the full clip below.

Jim Cornette on if Bret Hart looks at his career with more regret than pride:

“I don’t think — he doesn’t look back at his career with regret. He had a great career, and he did a lot of things that he was proud of and accomplished things. Maybe he regrets that he doesn’t own the whole video library, ’cause at least he got the Stampede stuff. I think he probably — if anything that he would regret, he probably regrets the whole interaction with Vince the last year there [in 1997]. It could have gone so much better for everybody. And anybody would regret going to WCW when they got handed the actual hottest pro wrestler on the planet and made him a special referee and they had no creative … he might regret that certain section, but Bret did a lot of s**t and will tell you himself, he was very over. Not only in the states but in Canada and around the world. So I think he’s pretty proud of most everything.”

Jim Cornette on if Bret Hart is bitter:

“Well I mean — everybody says ‘Oh, he’s bitter, bitter!’ Grumpy, cranky? I know many things that I’m grumpy or cranky about, but not bitter. It just [becomes], ‘Ah, f**k, I can’t believe they f**king f**ked that up,’ or whatever. That’s not really bitter, that’s just grumpy and cranky. Bret’s the serious one, he’s never been the Jolly Joker like Owen was. So I think Brett’s — every once in a while, he’s just cranky about certain s**t. But I don’t know about bitter.”

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