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Jesse Ventura On The Current State of America

Jesse Ventura - Wrestling Examiner

Former Minnesota Governor and WWE Hall of Famer Jesse Ventura went on Twitter to share his thoughts on the current events happening in the United States.

Ventura said,

“You want change? Change the present? Change the future? STOP voting for Democrats & Republicans. THEY’VE FAILED YOU. They don’t care about the American people. Regardless of the color of your skin, they answer to their donors. Then to their political party. Then maybe to you.

But we’re probably even less than that. The American people are probably at least 4th or 5th behind special interest groups and bribery. We are not first. We will never be first. We will never be heard.

Citizens United will not be repealed any time soon. So what do you do? VOTE THEM OUT. I’m tired of lip service. Aren’t you? You want to really flip the switch? Then vote for real change.

The Green Party does not accept any PAC or corporate donations. They are beholden ONLY to the people who elect them. So elect them. VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE. Be as strong in the streets as you are in the voting booth. Otherwise, expect no change.”

“I’m an advocate for peaceful protests. But when your community is under attack….When your mother, brother, sister, cousin, daughter, son, father, wife, husband, aunt, grandmother, grandfather and/or other loved one has been killed & there isn’t justice, what else is there to do

When the justice system has repeatedly failed you….What would a white male do in this situation? If his community was under attack?

Because white males were storming Capitol buildings just last week to protest wearing a mask which protects other Americans from potentially getting COVID. That’s apparently infringing on their rights? Wearing a mask to better the health of our country?

History might very well earmark COVID as the first time white males felt oppression since the founding fathers looted the ships in the Boston harbor & destroyed $1 million worth of tea (in today’s standards) as a sign of protest.

So it’s no wonder white privilege blinds a lot of people from understanding what’s actually going on in this country. If you think wearing a mask infringes on your rights as an American then just try – really try- to put yourself in someone else’s shoes