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IMPACT Wrestling Releases Scarlett Bordeaux

According to Mike Johnson Of PWInsider.com, Scarlett Bordeaux had reportedly asked for her release from IMPACT Wrestling early last month. The report also states that Scarlett’s contract with IMPACT Wrestling was not due until later this summer, but her deal was set to reportedly pay her per appearance and it wasn’t a guaranteed contract.

After weeks of frustration, IMPACT Wrestling has made an announcement and has confirmed that they have finally granted Scarlett Bordeaux her release. IMPACT Wrestling made their announcement via Twitter, as seen below:

Scarlett Bordeaux started working for IMPACT Wrestling in 2014. She then had a brief stint with them until 2015. Scarlett Bordeaux would then return to IMPACT Wrestling in 2018 with her new “Smokeshow” gimmick which gained a significant amount of attention. One of Scarlett Bordeaux’s videos went viral and it even gained IMPACT Wrestling a lot of attention just like it did with herself. That was the video of her giving Scott Steiner a lap dance.

Even though she joined IMPACT Wrestling once again in 2018, she didn’t make her in-ring debut until March 29th, 2019, in a match she won against Glenn Gilbertti (The Disco Inferno). Scarlett Bordeaux was one among a few members of The IMPACT Wrestling roster who requested their release, including her boyfriend Killer Kross.