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Henry Cejudo Confirms Talks With AEW

Henry Cejudo UFC Champion - Wrestling Examiner

Former UFC champion Henry Cejudo recently confirmed to TMZ reporter Adam Glyn that he has had talks with All Elite Wrestling about possibly getting in the ring in a major show.

Cejudo was one of the members of Mike Tyson’s entourage that showed up on Dynamite to confront Chris Jericho a while ago. He later posted a video showing himself training in the ring at Team Vision Dojo.

Henry Cejudo said:

Probably the wrestling, probably the Boxing. But I meant it when I said I’m retired. There’s a boatload of money that could bring me back, but I think more importantly than money for me is legacy. Yeah we’ve been in contact with AEW. There’s a potential big pay-per-view event that they may want to hold but, there’s a lot. Even amateur wrestling. There’s so many options that I don’t really know which one to pick because they all seem a little appetizing to me.