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Former IMPACT Wrestling Star Out With An Injury

Former IMPACT Wrestling Star Andrew Everett recently announced on Twitter that he would be taking some time off to fix a meniscus injury that he has been dealing with for the past couple of months. Everett began working for IMPACT Wrestling in 2015 and was granted his release from the company last September.

Back in 2017, Everett had to deal with a torn meniscus and it looks like he will have to go through surgery again for this injury. On Twitter, he wrote:

“Just wanted to go ahead and let people in on what is happening with my life at the moment, and what my plans are going forward. I will be finishing up my bookings through March, but after that, I’m again being forced to take time off. For quite sometime now I’ve been wrestling with a nagging injury. Around four or five months ago, I kipped up in the opening seconds of a match with Trevor Lee at CWF, and I felt a pop in the back of my knee. I had slightly torn my MCL, as well as my meniscus. The MCL has healed, the meniscus cannot. For the months following, you will notice that I’ve been wearing a brace on my left knee when wrestling. It’s been there to keep my knee from locking up, and giving out mid-match. Unfortunately, it can only do so much.

“My knee has been locking up and giving out every match, and because of this, I’ve been physically putting my knee back in place every match. Hell, if you watch closely, you can see where this has been happening. I cannot sprint full speed, I cannot make certain quick cuts, and I cannot make striding leaps. All which I believe is holding my in-ring ability back. So, of course, I have to fix this. Meniscus do not get blood flow, so they do not heal on their own, which means surgery. This is no fun at all, and I’ve already been here before. I hate it, and it sucks. But I can’t wait around any longer because I’m only shredding he meniscus further. What’s really disheartening is that this time the financials are very sketchy (thanks, sweet health care system) and it might take long to get things together.

“I’ve put off telling the public this for as long as I can stomach it, I hate to disappoint and sometimes I feel like I let people down. But I’m adamant to not shut myself in, like I’ve had the tendency of doing. I want to continue to be a part of whatever I can be as I heal up. I have plenty of friends and fans from every walk of life, and I want to try to stay connected to them. I make appearances on DemonxBunny, and, of course, the boys over at NewLegacyInc come to mind because I can for sure make some appearances on streams with them, and stay giving at least something to the community and my fans. So, I’ll keep everyone updated with what I can, I’ll still be around, and I’ll be back to top form soon, but until then I’m just gonna try and be the most entertain 7’4″ double moonsaultin’, chokeslammin’ son of a b—- outside of the ring I can be.”