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Former IMPACT & Women’s Indie Star Announce They Are Free Agents

At the end of last month, Priscilla Kelly announced on her Twitter that she is now a free agent and asked fans where they wanted to see her in the future. Kelly previously had a contract with WWN. Last year, Kelly worked in The WWE Mae Young Classic, losing in the first round to Deonna Purrazzo.

Earlier this year, Kelly went viral after putting a “used tampon” in her opponent’s mouth during their match. Shortly after that, Kelly appeared on The Shining Wizards Podcast and was asked if she thought doing things like that in matches would cost her an opportunity with WWE, as seen below:

“Honestly, no. I don’t think it blew any chance,” Kelly responded. “I mean, if it did, there’s plenty of other opportunity in the world of professional wrestling for me. There’s plenty of other ways to make money in this business. Would I like to go to WWE? Yeah, I’d love to go to WWE. I’d like to go anywhere. I like making money. I like expanding my horizons. I like showing off my work on very large platforms. But at the same time, no, I don’t think it really could have harmed me because I think there’s a lot worse things that have happened. Not only on TV, but I think there are a lot worse things that have happened privately in wrestlers’ lives. These things are very public, and I think what I did, it’s simply a stunt at the end of the day. There’s no cruelty behind my actions, and I think that is the most important aspect.”

Former IMPACT Wrestling Star Caleb Konley also announced that he is now a free agent.

On his Twitter, Konley wrote, “Today I’m officially a free agent. For three years I’ve had the opportunity to wrestle on national TV. Work on four continents & be ZNAs resident orphan child. I owe all of that to Impact Wrestling. I want to thank everyone who has supported me. I look forward to what ever comes next.”