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Eddie Guerrero – How He Lied, Cheated and Stole Our Hearts

radicalz-wrestling-examinerEddie would debut in WWE on January 31, 2000, alongside Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn, and Dean Malenko, as The Radicalz. His run with WWE got off to a bad start when he severely injured his elbow while executing his signature “Frog Splash” during his first match. Eddie would bounce back though, eventually recovering and becoming a key player for WWE. On April 3, the night after Wrestlemania 2000, Eddie defeated Chris Jericho to win the WWE European Championship and aligned with “The 9th Wonder of The WorldChyna. Guerrero and his “Mamacita” were fan favorites and were involved in feuds with Val Venis, Trish Stratus, Lita, Rikishi, and Kurt Angle. It was an extremely entertaining story line which allowed Eddie to get over in WWE. Despite his success, Eddie battled with some pretty strong demons, he had become addicted to pain pills after a car accident in 2001. WWE sent him to rehab, but despite their best efforts in November 2001 they were forced to release him after an arrest for drunk driving. It seemed as though Eddie Guerrero had been given a shot at the big times and squandered it, but sometimes a big fall only sets up a big comeback.

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