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David Starr’s Accuser Offers More Details On Rape Accusations

David Starr - Wrestling Examiner

As we reported earlier, David Starr was accused of rape by a woman who goes by Tori on Twitter. Starr later apologized and called it “grey rape,” but then deleted his Twitter account. This is actually what started the entire #SpeakingOut movement, as several other men and women have came out and told their own stories of abuse. Recently Tori offered more details on her incident with Starr.

Tori wrote:

All of your stories, you beautiful brave men and women, gave me strength to disclose what Max did to me. The details. I know the admission to grey rape was what made you believe me but there was a verbal no. There was a conversation about a sex act I didn’t want to do. He said we continued to have more sex that day. We didn’t.
He used his hand to start getting me off and then when I was there, he forced himself in me. I didn’t know what to do, I just lay there. He knew he was wrong because he wouldn’t talk much the rest of the day. Except to tell me I liked it. This is humiliating but necessary. This is intimate partner abuse and it happens every day. This is the story that made this man pre-write a case for himself way before I found the strength to talk about it. Your strength is my strength.

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