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Cody Rhodes Talks AEW’s Women’s Division, Fan Criticism

Cody Rhodes AEW

During a recent media call All Elite Wrestling’s VP, Cody Rhodes talked a bit about AEW’s Women’s Division. He mentioned that he is aware of the fan criticism, and that AEW is open to it, as they make improvements while they are still “growing” the division.

“The women’s division is growing. I actually would say when you hear the criticisms—you hear the good things about your show, things people don’t like and you’ve got to keep your ears open. You can’t be close-minded to it,” he said. “One thing that is going to take time is the women’s division in particular. It’s a merit-based show. It’s a merit-based wrestling show and the best wrestlers are going to wrestle on that show.”

He went on to say, “I think we have some of the best wrestlers and some of the best women’s wrestlers. I’d really like to see Big Swole emerge. Britt Baker is on absolute fire. Nyla Rose becoming the second AEW Women’s World Champion, an amazing moment and maybe the best match on the best show we’ve done all year. That speaks to the talent level of Nyla and Riho and that international involvement that will always be there as far as bringing in the Joshi talent.”

One thing Cody Rhodes did ask for was patients, as he said they are “doing everything” possible to grow the division. He also mentioned how in recent years women’s wrestling has become more popular and that cultivating the division and making it a big part of their brand going forward is AEW’s ultimate goal.

Dustin Rhodes also shared a similar sentiment, “The women’s division is developing, It is slow, but it is developing, and we will get there over time. You know, this isn’t a race, it’s not a sprint, it’s a slow, steady build, like simmer on the stove, man.”